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This #sundaystills challenge is hosted by Terri from Second Wind LeisureIt's a great themed photography challenge that you'll enjoy. I love seeing the other participants interpretation of the theme each week...it causes me to think outside the box. I joined in hopes of it pushing me to get out and take more photos...I have to some degree, but I also like that Terri is okay with us finding photos in our archives, which is also a lot of fun. So check out my photos and then head over to Terri's page to participate or visit other's posts. There are some awesome contributors who always inspire me.

This weeks theme is Out of this world. Our weather has not been conducive to going out and taking photos, and I've been a bit under the weather so had no desire to go anywhere other than work and home. With that said, I will go through my photo archives and see what I can find. I know it will be easy and I'll have to force myself to narrow things down. This can go many directions so it will be fun to see what people come up with. 

Out of this world can mean "other worldly", perhaps "celestial"...or as we most often refer to it, "extremely enjoyable or impressive", "extremely good"

I know I have photos to fit each of these. Now to find them. Well, a bit of a delay in posting. We babysat our granddaughter this morning, then went for a walk since the weather was nice, came home only to discover we had no power! This did not bode well with me since I was hungry, wanted to make lunch and had a list of things to do! Power didn't come until almost 7. So about 5 hours without power. I digress...I'll stop there. Let's get on with pictures. 

Several years ago when my girls were in a program called Running Start, where Jr.'s and Sr's in HS could take college classes and earn their AA degrees at the same time they earned their HS diplomas. They both took classes that required them to observe the night sky. It was a fun time for me as mom because I usually tagged along and tried to take photos. 

In 2017 we were in Sunriver when several wildfires broke out. Some days we didn't leave the house because of air quality, but when we did some days were so smoky, ash would trickle down. The above photo is one I took one evening from our deck. 

We couldn't see stars in the sky during our trip to NYC, but I did capture (unknowingly) a sliver of the moon when we were in Hoboken, NJ. 

These bagels from The Bagel Store in Brooklyn look out of this world, but they didn't really taste out of this world. Although we only took a nibble, because, #1 it looked like playdough, and #2 That's a LOT of food coloring. 

Our trip to Italy and Switzerland was definitely out of this world. The photo above is of a bookstore that proudly announces itself as being "the most beautiful bookshop in the world". It was fun going in and walking through. Many books are in boats so when it floods, the boats rise with the water. I've never seen anything like it. 
Murano and Burano were out of this world gorgeous with their bright colors. That's my daughter in the red dress. She's out of this world too. 
Gelato and other Euorpean desserts? Definitely out of this world. So so good!
Not to mention the architecture. Absolutely stunning and breathtaking! We found ourselves often asking, "how in the world did they do all of this that long ago".
Traveling into the Swiss Alps was another "out of this world" experience. I wish we had way more time to visit more little villages. 
Two of my favorite things in nature are sunrises and sunsets. They are out of this world in my book. 
This antique toy museum in Vermont was crazy amazing, and out of this world. Owned by one person, the collections within this museum were incredible. 
Nature in my mind is out of this world. I know there are many who do not believe in a God created world, but I do, and I believe that nature is an amazing sign of that. So much creativity, diversity, uniqueness to all nature, creatures, plants, etc...We experienced so many different and unique butterflies, moths, other insects and amphibians at the Magic Wings Observatory in Massachusets. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Such a fun gallery of out-of-this-world images, Kirsten! Great moon shots and I must agree with you about those colorful bagels! Being able to travel to Europe must have felt other-worldly in some ways. Sorry to read about losing power at the height of the day!

    1. THanks Terri. It was definitely out of this world.

  2. Gorgeous examples of other-worldly, Kirstin. That bagel store pictures was the weirdest. You captured the night sky very professionally. Lovely shots - and your daughter in the red dress - perfect. My dad always looked for people wearing red to photography anything. Have a great week. :)

  3. I love the starry sky and the yellow moon, Kirstin, and that butterfly is gorgeous. Great selection :)

  4. You found excellent photos for the prompt! Sorry to hear about your power being out, thankfully, it wasn't for too long. I heard that thousands people in MI were out of power for over a week. I love all the pops of color you shared and I'm with you on not wanting to consume that bagel...yikes all the food coloring!


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