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Brooklyn Bridge! We walked about halfway across it. Pretty cool! 

This weeks theme is bridges/building bridges. Did you know the Frankford Avenue Bridge in Pennsylvania, is said to be the oldest bridge in the U.S. being built in 1697. Bridges fascinate me. However, I am afraid of heights, so high bridges, or bridges that I can see through the bottom in any way, make me nervous. I grew up in Seattle with the tall Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the Seattle floating bridge...both made me nervous. My daughters have been on a few suspension bridges, that move when you walk on them. I don't think I could do those. The Astoria bridge in Oregon crosses a large strip of the Columbia river, connecting it to the Washington side. I always wonder how in the world they built these bridges. When we went to the NE States we saw several covered bridges. Those were my favorites. I hope to finish up my trip posts soon and then do a post just on the bridges. 

The Astoria Bridge which connects Astoria, Oregon to the Washington side. We live in Washington, but usually cross over into Oregon and then cross back over into Washington on this bridge when we go to the Long Beach, Wa...it's just a better drive. 

 Most of the quotes I found, of course, spoke of bridges metaphorically and that is very fitting. Here's what I found, intertwined with photos of physical bridges.

Just one of the covered bridges we saw on our trip to the East Coast. 

How true is this!!! On one side is inexperience, you make mistakes along the way and the other side is wisdom!

This bridge is closer to our home and a popular hiking area. People do jump off this bridge into the water below even though there are signs discouraging it. It also made the news a few years ago when a young lady was hesitating and then was pushed off by another girl...she was badly injured in the fall. 

At least do the best we can to always connect. This provoked some thought as to what we might connect. Perhaps it's friendships or thoughts and ideas, mindsets, points of view.

An abandoned railroad bridge in New Hampshire. I was on the road taking this photo....I'd be too scared to walk out on it....no sides, and too much space between the railroad ties for my comfort.

Some bridges are a piece of cake to cross, others are rickety and scary, but they all carry us to the other side. 

This bridge in Venice is one of the most popular. The Rialto bridge. Venice has many bridges due to the fact that it is completely surrounded by water. They are all beautiful. 

Yes, sometimes we have to draw lines, boundaries, and I suppose in some cases burn some bridges. I've always thought of this in the negative, however, sometimes we need to burn bridges between bad habits and new one, between people who are toxic and those who help us be better versions of ourselves.

One of our favorite bridges in Sunriver, Oregon, the Cardinal Landing bridge, which seems fitting since I LOVE cardinals (the bird).

This sculpture, while not a bridge, is titled "Building Bridges". We saw it on the ferry going from Venice to Murano and Burano

One thing I've worked toward is not putting up walls. My personality tends to close up and put up walls, and I don't want to be that way. 

This crazy bridge is in Mystic, CT, called the Bascule Bridge, built in 1922. When we were there, they were celebrating the 100 year anniversary. Check out those huge concrete weights. They act as a counter balance. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Kirstin, you have a beautiful assortment of bridges and your pictures of them are so well done. Crossing the Astoria Bridge scared me to death as a teen. I haven't done it since - no need to, but I remember it like a rollercoaster dropping down onto the low part with the water so close to the edge of the bride. There is another low bridge like that in Seattle but I don't remember the name - just the feel of relief when we got across it!

    I assume that is your daughter sitting looking at the Venetian bridge. She looks so beautiful, and the color of her dress is perfect for that picture. My dad always looked for people in bright red or orange to photograph in his landscape photos.

    The abandoned railroad bridge stands out as an outstanding shot as well. I would not want to cross it either. I never thought I was afraid of heights but I don't push my luck either!

    I never think of you as a wall person. To me you are the opposite. Your engaging and accepting personality makes you a natural bridge. :) Thanks for being a firm foundation of WQ!

    1. Yes, the one in Seattle is actually a floating bridge, I don't think the astoria one is, but it's so close to the water. Yes it is my youngest daughter. Aww he would have loved photographing her...I remember you mentioning that in one of your posts.

  2. love your photos of bridges, Kirstin :)

  3. I love bridges too Kirstin. The first Brooklyn Bridge photo is great. I see what you mean about the Astoria Bridge. I love Venice and so many bridges to love. Do you know why they cover the bridges? I am impressed that you actually walked on the rail bridge and took you eyes off to take a photo 🥇

    1. I believe they are covered to protect the bridge from the elements and rot and decay. I stood at the end of the bridge that wasn't yet over the water.


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