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It doesn't often get this cold in our neck of the woods but when we took a December trip to central Oregon, it was definitely COLD! 

This weeks theme is chilly air. We've definitely had a lot of that here the last week, though not as cold as some areas. I don't mind days when it's a bit colder but dry and blue skies. I almost prefer them to warmer, wet days, like we had today. 

I love a winter scene when the air is brisk, the skies are blue and the snow sparkles!!

We had quite a bit of chilly weather the last several days which made for many visits from "Jack Frost"...did you grow up thinking that when you saw this patterns on window, that Jack Frost had come to visit? We did and I still think about it. 

It was certainly cold the last few Sundays for our walk up the hill behind our house. But it felt so good. 

Snow crystals on a fence. I thought they were really neat looking. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. I love your frosty pictures. The fence is really great. I just finished a book set in Central Oregon in a town of "Preppers" those people who like to be prepared for the end of the world or the government. I think if I lived in that climate, being prepared would be a good thing. You constantly lose electricity, and it does get cold! I love your Horace Traubel quote. I think I'll build a fire tonight. Your Kirstin Troyer quote is nice, too! :)

    1. Thank you! We've often said that if we would move we wouldn't mind central oregon!


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