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It's another week of  Wednesday Quotes, hosted by Marsha from Always Write. If you're interested in joining, you can find more about #WQ here

This weeks theme was another one that made me go Hmmmm. I again, found myself thinking "what am I going to find for this one". I got inside my head and couldn't even think outside the box. I read Marshas post and that certainly helped unlock some ideas. 

There are various types of grids used every day, from graphic design, math, power usage, architecture, to a way of living, photography and art.

It seems in the last handful of years you hear more and more people talking about wanting to live off the grid to varying degrees. Some simply want to be more self sustainable where they live, and others want to disappear, relying on only themselves and the resources around them to live. I have no desire to live completely off the grid, but I do desire to become more self sustainable. 

The quotes I found don't necessarily have to do with the thoughts in this post, but they captured my attention. I hope you enjoy them. I'll try and find a few quick pictures as well....we'll see. 

Turn everything off, go on a walk, a hike, to a place where no one is at and just let the thoughts and feelings come and go, gain focus, perspective, peace. 

The other thought that stood out to me in the numerous ways grids are used is in photography and the rule of thirds, which essentially uses a grid system to help you frame a photo using 9 square grids, three vertically, three horizontally with the idea of your main subject being in the left or right sides of the grid. It's okay to break the rules now and then. 

Aahh this was so good..what grid? The grid of our thinking, how our life is set up and organized, perhaps the grid with which we view life, or the grid of our life experiences that holds us back.

Have you ever thought about how often we use grids in our daily lives. I used to enjoy creating things on graph paper, using the "grids" to create designs, etc.  How about when we played four square or plotting out the layout for the tiles in our kitchen. 

When I googled wind turbines, I discovered that they are used as part of a grid-tied wind power system that connects the wind generated electricity with existing electric utility power. These were found near Palm Springs, Ca
How about the grid lines on this very old map from John Smith. One of the sites we stopped at while in New Hampshire traveling up towards Maine.
While looking for photos I found this one from our trip to NYC. Definitely some "grid systems" used when designing this. 

This one made me chuckle. A designer of book layouts, this site had an interesting video. Sometime we forget that grids are used in laying out books. Influencers use certain grid layouts to create and aesthetically pleasing look. In yearbook class, we often used a grid to design the layout of a page but you never saw the actual grid lines. 

Thank you Marsha for stirring some thoughts. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. You came up with some great examples of grids, Kirstin. They are invisible for the most part - the ones that matter especially. I had never thought about the layout for printing - yearbooks, books in general, or the rule of thirds. We use the for photography grid every day! Thanks for the reminder. I'm even more grateful to grids!

    1. Thanks Marsha...yah, it stumped me for a bit, but it was fun once I started diving in.


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