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This weeks theme "piquing interest" has me a bit stumped. So let's look at the definition..

Pique = stimulate (as in interest or curiosity), feel (as in resentment or irritation). We'll obviously go with the first definition. 

There are many things that pique my interest and I hope that as I live out my life I have somehow, along the way, piqued someones interest about something. 

In a birthday card my daughter wrote me in December (which I can't find at the moment), she said the fact that I always had my camera with me is what got her interested in photography. She is pursuing that interest even harder this year.  

I don't remember what caused me to love taking photos. My parents didn't. I've always loved looking at photos. In high school I was on the yearbook staff, but not behind the camera. Something must have piqued my interest. Friends piqued my interest in gardening, in healthy cooking and living. 

This is so true. I've read so many books or watched a movie or show and thought "well, that didn't go like I thought...how is this going to end?"

YES! I want to always be open to new ideas. To have my thoughts and way of thinking challenged. To always grow and learn!

While this is in regards to acting, I think it can be true of life. I want to find things in life that pique my interest. I don't want to be stuck in a box. I want to always be challenged. 

I love this photo of my youngest daughter with her camera, taking a photo of my oldest daughter and her kids. I believe that our encouragement to our girls helped pique their interest in owning their own businesses...we always let them try things, encouraged them to spread their wings and not be afraid to fly.

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. What a lovely gift you have given your daughters. Not only do they love photography but they love and appreciate each other. The subject matter of the photo Asb your comment speaks volumes about your parenting.

  2. Great examples Kirsten, loved reading your post and looking at your photos


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