Putting Fingers to Keyboard....#WQ: Theme: Enveloped

It's another week of  Wednesday Quotes, hosted by Marsha from Always Write. If you're interested in joining, you can find more about #WQ here

Our theme this week is the word Envelop...Marsha also included some other options, but I thought I'd see what I could find with this word. I chose to look up quotes with the word enveloped, as those were easier than just envelop.

When we think of this word, we think of being surrounded, wrapped in. It could have a negative connotation, or positive. Feelings of fear, or peace, coziness, etc. I just finished a book and below is one of the segments. It reminded me of this theme. If you're a reader, the book is, Remarkably Bright Creatures. 

In the book, the woman Tova cleans at an aquarium and befriends an aging Octopus, which would be the reference to tentacles. 

I loved this quote when I read it. That is what I want to be to those around me, and I can do that when I allow the prior statements to be manifest in my life. I look at the "Your" as God/Jesus or Papa as I like to call him. 

Grandkiddos enveloped in a cozy blanket....being wrapped in a blanket makes us feel warm and cozy but also secure. When I sleep at night, I don't not like to sleep without covers...which has been tricky with the peri-menopause hot flashes..I love to be wrapped in my blankets, tucked up around me. I think I've always been this way. 

I loved the beauty of this picture. This wasn't the relationship I had with my dad, but I love the image it portrays, even of how I have felt Gods love for me no matter what. 

Ahhh enveloped in a hammock above in Texas with my grandson. This was at a house we rented while visiting our daughter and son in law when they lived there. Below, a hammock on our back porch was a comfy spot to read on a nice day. 

"Your life can be enveloped in brightness, joy 
and much hope
when you choose to live your life with intention, 
making choices that serve you well and are good,
dwelling on the possibilities in good times and in bad times, 
in easy situations and hard situations. 

This was a hard one...When our grandson was 1 1/2 he had a febrile seizure. The paramedics came, and when they got to the house, the chief gave my daughter a blanket that was made by a group of ladies who sew them for the paramedics or police officers to give to children. Indy "surrounded" by the blanket even in the midst of a scary situation. I like to think that these women pray for each child that will get one. 

Below, enveloped in his Poppi's arms after he came home from the hospital. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. So many beautiful nuggets of enveloped you've shared. Aw, your grandkids are adorable and I'm so happy to read your little guy made it through that scary event. Hugs to you and yours and your beautiful thoughts!

    1. Thank you Shelley, and thank you for visiting!

  2. Kirstin, what a scary time with your grandson. He is so lucky to have such a warm enveloping family. This is a great post about the wonderful people and treasures in your life that envelop you.

    1. Thank you...yes it was scary, but so glad all was good in the end.

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  4. The Hammock looks amazing, think I would end up falling out of it.

    1. haha...yah, I was very careful getting in and out...I'm known to be clumsy so fall out definitely crossed my mind.


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