Bloganuary 2023......Days 22-31

Day 22: What was your dream job as a child: When I was a child I always wanted to be a librarian or a teacher. I loved reading and I really loved going to the library with a pencil and paper and looking through the card catalog to find the book I needed or wanted. I loved learning about the dewey decimal system. I suppose if I was going to be a teacher it would have been english because it was my favorite subject and went a long with reading and writing. I did not become either, however, I did homeschool my daughters (so yes, that does count as teaching) and I still have a love of books, bookstores and libraries. As I have gotten older, I have thought owning a bookstore/coffee shop would be fun, and we actually found one for sale when we were on vacation in New Hampshire. We had fun playing around with the idea of buying it. Maybe someday. 

Day 23: What's a lie you tell yourself?: Oh, we sadly tell ourselves so many lies. The one I have told myself too often is that I'm not good enough, I don't do things good enough, I'm not good enough for friendships. I know it's a lie, and I don't usually believe it for long. I know that I am good enough, and worthy of friends but that's the lie that sneaks in. 

Day 24: How do you show love?: I try and show love in the ways that people receive love. If it's family, I try to know their love languages. Also, for me, cooking for people is a big way I show my love for them. Whether at home or bringing people a meal or something I've baked. 

Day 25: What is a song or poem that speaks to you and why?  This one will be hard because music is a big part of my life. It always has been. Music is often what I go to when I need peace, hope, encouragement. When I need to get out of a funk and need some happy music. Last week while babysitting my grandkids we went outside during break in the weather and they wanted me to put on the song from Madagascar Walk the Dinosaur. What a fun song and soon enough we were dancing and being silly. My Spotify playlist is extremely eclectic, from songs that are fun, like Andy Grammars, A Friend like You, to songs that bring a tear, like Ed Sheerans Visiting Hours. Worship songs, country songs and pop songs. They all have the potential to speak to me in any given moment. 

I really love the song by Jenn Johnson, For the speaks of having love, kindness and compassion for all people. 

Let me be filled with kindness, and compassion for the oneThe one in whom You love and gave Your SonFor humanityIncrease my love
Help me to love with open arms like You doA love that erases all the lines and sees the truthOh that when they look in my eyes they would see YouEven in just a smile, they would feel the Father's love
'Cause oh how You love usFrom the homeless to the famous and in between'Cause You formed us, You made us carefully'Cause in the end we're all your children
So let all my life tell of who You areAnd the wonder of Your neverending loveOh, let all my life tell of who You areThat You're wonderful and such a good Father
Day 26: What language do you wish you could speak?: Spanish! In our small town, we have a large Hispanic community and they often come in to where I work and if they do not speak english, it is hard to communicate. Yes, there's Google Translate, but I would like to learn this language. Also, Italian, because of family heritage. I was doing Duolingo for awhile but just kept forgetting to do it daily. I need to either keep working on that or find another program.

Day 27: What are the pros and cons of procrastination?:  The definition of procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something". If I'm honest, I never thought there were pros. I always thought of procrastination as a failure on my part to get the job done. I saw it as avoidance. I saw it as a negative word only. Yes, I suppose those things would be cons of procrastination. So let's start there...procrastinating too much on too many things, too often, can cause anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed and paralyze us. How many things do we never try or do because we say "someday, or "I'm just not sure, I can't decide...etc.". We second guess ourselves or we just have too much on our plate and can't figure out what to do when...which is also a result of poor organizational skills. I often lack the ability to write out my tasks and stick to them until they're done...too many squirrels. I'm working on it.  On the flip side, a reasonable amount of procrastination can help us focus, perhaps make a better, more informed decision. By delaying or postponing something briefly, it gives us a bit more time to think on a task or problem. Perhaps it causes you to see something in a different light. 

I think the key is recognizing when we are negatively and positively procrastinating. 

Day 28: Describe your perfect birthday cake: Oh, I love cake. I love frosting. My perfect birthday cake is simple. Homemade. chocolate layered cake with vanilla buttercream frosting! Every year, my daughter has me make my peanut butter pound cake with peanut butter frosting...that is a close second for me. So good.  

Day 29: What is something you've learned recently: I always want to be in a state of learning, to be a life long learner. So what is something I've learned recently? I've learned that when I put my mind to I can accomplish great things. My hubby, one of his coworkers and I are doing a walking challenge to get 70,000 steps a week. It has always been hard for me to get 10,000 steps a day, so I knew it wouldn't be easy. This is a 12 week challenge and we just finished the 2nd week. 

Day 30: What would you title the chapters of your autobiography: Oh, boy! Since I don't have a great memory, and the people who would know me the best in my younger years have passed away, so it'll be a short book. 

Intro: Come Sit with Me
Chapter 1: The Early Days, or What I Can Remember of them?
Chapter 2: Finding Hope
Chapter 3: You are more than the hand you're dealt
Chapter 4: Do NOT Live in the Past
Chapter 5: Plot Twist
Chapter 6: Repeat, do NOT live in the Past or let it consume you
Chapter 7: I'm an Orphan now
Chapter 8: Always be willing to change your mind and think different
Chapter 9: Who Am I anyways

Well, that's a general idea...the things that came to my mind. I'd probably switch some things around, change some titles, who knows. I might title it...Things I've Learned Along the Way. 

Day 31: Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you: The most magnificant sunsets are at Washington or Oregon coast, which technically aren't near me, but near enough, within a minimum hour drive.However, there are a few spots in the Columbia River Gorge that are high enough to enjoy them. I live surrounded by trees and only catch glimpses of the sun as it rises or sets. Sunrises and sunsets are my favorite. 

View of the sunset from on top of Crown Point Vista House, overlooking the Columbia River and Gorge.

Sunset at Seaside, Oregon

Joy Unquenchable,


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