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It's another week of  Writer's Quotes Wednesday, hosted by Marsha from Always Write. If you're interested in joining, you can find more about #WQW here.

I skipped last week. I just couldn't make it happen. Sure I could've planned ahead and scheduled a post, but sometimes I can barely get to posting on a regular schedule, let alone schedule one ahead of time....can I retire already...ha! 

I won't digress...I'll save that for a weekend coffee share post. 

Our theme this week is Abandoned or Artistic buildings. When I saw this I thought, "what a unique theme". I was almost tempted to bypass another week, but then checked out Marsha's post, and thought, "no, let's do this. It could be interesting". Then a story came to mind. And then memories of my love for mystery books like Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and my continuing love of mystery, and suspense books, not horror, but crime/suspense/mystery. 

Growing up, the development we lived in had many wooded areas with paths and a creek and it backed up to a few logging roads, etc. LOTS of places for kids to explore and imaginations to run wild. I remember there was one trail and along the trail was an abandoned building that sat back in the woods...we always thought to go explore it, but we seemed to scare our way out of it. 

This building was at the end of the driveway by my aunts house on Kelly's Island. It was not being used, however when we went back in August, it had been torn down and the lot cleared. 

On our recent trip to the NE States, we saw plenty of abandoned buildings and homes, that literally looked like someone just up and left, not even bothering to take their belongings...it was the oddest thing. I now wish I would have taken some pictures. There's just something fascinating about them isn't there? What stories do they have to tell? Why were they abandoned? What will become of them?

Now, along the lines of artistic buildings, when we were in Europe, we were constantly in awe of the beautifully crafted buildings and the ability of people hundreds of years ago to create such beauty. I also love seeing people revitalizing cities with murals. Talk about artistic. 

Downtown Vancouver, Wa. I did a post on the murals in Vancouver, here.

Mural in NYC! 

St. Marks Basilica in Piazza San Marco in Venice, was the epitome of artistic buildings in my mind. It is said to have been built around the year 1060. To think of how they managed this back then. WOW!

The small town we live in has always been a farming town, however most of the farms have closed, except for one or two. This is the remains of a large barn that may have been a dairy barn.

Another old abandoned barn in town. This one was across the street from where my inlaws used to live.

This is another abandoned building on Kelly's Island. This is the old quarry ruins. To the left is what was once a two story loading dock. There are many old buildings and ruins on the island and now I wish I had taken more photos. 

Just look at all this amazing artistic detail. WOW.

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. These photos are WOW, Kirstin. I'm so glad you didn't skip a week. Venice - beautiful and so amazing - how did they do that. We have gotten more streamlined in our architecture production, but less artistic details like these. If you haven't seen Sarah's post - check out my links. She has some stonemasons doing such intricate work that you wonder how they get it all done! This post is perfect for Coffee Shares/PPAC, too. You could use this as your link. I may do the same and add in your last quote. It's perfect!

    1. THanks Marsha. I know...so crazy. I haven't gotten around to everyone elses yet, but plan to. I'll have to look into the PPAC.


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