Taking in Life Around Me......#Sundaystills...theme: Vivid

This #sundaystills challenge is hosted by Terri from Second Wind LeisureIt's a great themed photography challenge that you'll enjoy. I love seeing the other participants interpretation of the theme each week...it causes me to think outside the box. I joined in hopes of it pushing me to get out and take more photos...I have to some degree, but I also like that Terri is okay with us finding photos in our archives, which is also a lot of fun. So check out my photos and then head over to Terri's page to participate or visit other's posts. There are some awesome contributors who always inspire me. 

This weeks theme is "vivid". 

"vivid" = producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind. (of a color) intensely deep or bright. having the appearance of vigorous life or freshness. Seeming like real life because it is very clear, bright or detailed. 

Here's my choices for vivid.

Above and below....there is always something vivid at the farmers market. From flowers to veggies in beautiful colors. 

One of my favorite desserts to make. A strawberry lemon cookie bars.

I spied this crocheted tire cover a few years ago on Kelley's Island. 

I love bright fall colors. 

The homes on the island of Murano are VERY vivid. 

These beautiful sunflowers were in Switzerland. The lake below is Lake Thune in Switzerland. The lake was a beautiful vivid blue. 

Vivid colors at a French bakery. 

I love the colors and pattern of this mural. 

Sunrises and sunsets are my favorite and this sunset during a HS soccer game was stunning. 

How fun are these clocks. Pretty vivid colors. These were on the wall of the air bnb we stayed at in Vermont. So unique. 

In Quechee, Vermont, above one of the stores is this old toy museum. It was incredible. This was a collection of Pez toys. 

The Magic Wings Butterfly Observatory, in Deerfield, Maine had so many brightly colored butterflies. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. So much vividness in your post this week, Kirstin! I wonder if the soccer teams got distracted with the sunset while playing? The glacier blue of Lake Thune looks amazing and I really love that crocheted tire cover! Always great to see your posts each week.

  2. Wow - what beautiful (and vivid!!) photos! Love them. Those homes in Murano are the best vivid ever! Can you imagine coming home to that each evening:)

    1. Thank you! I know. I was thinking, how could you be sad living amongst that much color.

  3. LOVED all the color. :-) Golly, what did you choose to eat at the French Bakery, so much yummy!!!

    We are enjoying our first big snow of the season, up to 5 inches already just this morning.

    1. Thank you. We chose a few things, I got macarons. Wow. 5". We had some snow flurries yesterday, but they didn't last. People higher up did get some that stuck around.

  4. What a fabulous selection of vivid photos. I love the clocks, the mural and the bakery especially.


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