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This weeks theme is the Earth in regards to Mountains and Rocks...I LOVE mountains and I'm thankful to have mostly grown up in and currently live amongst some beautiful ones. As a child and even now, I was fascinated by rocks. I even had a kid version of a rock tumbler. I love finding fun and unique rocks when walking and rock formations are a favorite of mine. 

My daughter sent me this pic when she was driving home from Eastern Washington a few years ago. I can't find the photo I was looking for. This is "Mt. Si" otherwise known as "Nannies Mountain"...see paragraph below.

I grew up in North Bend, Washington at the base of Mt. Si. When my girls were old enough they called it Nannies Mountain because they knew when they could see it from the freeway it meant we were getting close to my moms house. We were surrounded by the Cascade Mountains and in the winter it always felt like a fairytale setting. Once I got married, I moved 2 1/2 hours south and now have regular views of Mt. Hood and Mt St Helens, both within an hours drive from our home. I love it. 

The view we never get tired of when flying home...Mt. Hood.

The Mountains of Switzerland were stunning. 

Not a mountain, but we sometimes climb the hill behind our house which is quite an elevation gain...sometimes I feel like I just can't do it, but I push on. I usually have my husband go ahead because I'm much slower. I don't care how slow I go as long as I get it done. 

This climb was one that I feel the above quote was fitting....the path for much of it is built into the side of the rock...I don't like heights. I felt like for this one I definitely conquered myself! Beacon Rock, in the Columbia River Gorge.

These rocks are called Twin Rocks in Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast. 

I love the Obsidian that is found around Paulina peak and lake. So beautiful. There's also a lot of Pumice. 

Top of Paulina Peak!!

We get to choose how we will respond to our mountain and rocky life experiences. 

This is Glacial Grooves on Kelley's Island Ohio. Glaciers came through and apparently carved out the formations in the rock. They are 400 feet long, 35 feet wide and up to 15 feet deep. They were created by the slow movement of the massive glacier that created the Great Lakes and Lake Erie Islands. This was an interesting article.

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  1. This is a fabulous post, Kirstin. First off, I love mountains, and secondly, the pictures are above and beyond beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It took a lot of work to research about some of these mountains. Beautifully done. :)


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