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It's another week of  Writer's Quotes Wednesday, hosted by Marsha from Always Write. If you're interested in joining, you can find more about #WQW here.

This weeks theme is Fitness Goals or Favorite Summer Sports. Since I don't really participate in sports, unless we count croquet and bocce ball, I'm going with Fitness Goals.

Marsha titled hers "Obstacles in Fitness" and I chuckled because I totally feel like that's where I'm at currently...Facing little obstacles here and there...not big ones, but just enough to annoy and cause disruption from what I have been doing. I've had to alter things, modifying them so that I don't add more injury. Sometimes modifying is irritating because I feel like now I'm going back to where I was before. That's not easy when you get older (I'm only 53). On top of the obstacles comes the tendency to get down on ourselves because we know things aren't fitting like they did, getting a bit "softer"...and that's hard! 

I found some great quotes that really encouraged me and I hope they encourage you too. I also am reading a book called "More than a Body: You're body is an instrument, not an ornament" by Lindsay and Lexie Kite. I'm only on page 29 but it's so good. I'm on a chapter now that has been talking about Body Image Disruptors, things that happen, whether small or large scale that cause a disruption in how we feel about our bodies or how we think people view our bodies..in my case, recent nagging injuries that have kept me from working out as hard as I was, thus, causing some "fluff" and "sags" in some areas. I'm reading about the different ways we can respond, and I love how they talk about "rising with resilience", we have the capacity to not only survive these disruptions but also grow and thrive and build strength and compassion and purpose through them. So I've decided to change my mindset when it comes to the season of disruption I'm in. Instead of just throwing in the towel, I'll find new things to do. 

YES....when obstacles to our fitness come up, just change direction...change the method we use to get to the goal in front of us. 

This is our little workout spot...we kind of use the whole room but this is where our stuff sits...I've been using bands instead of weights, or using one weight but holding it with both hands to distribute the weight.

I love this quote. I want to do everything I can to age as well as I can, be as healthy and "fit" as I can be. 

What do I do with the walls that confront me when it comes to fitness? Obviously there are going to be things that I just can't do, however, I would first ask, is there a way I can do this more modified? Or maybe I'll find something that actually works better and serves my body better. 

I love walking and hiking, bike riding, playing lawn games..those are things that as long as my lower extremeties don't betray me, I should be able to do the rest of my life. I thoroughly loved giving paddle boarding a try in the summer of 2020 and would love to try it again, though it might be an issue paddling since I still have a bit of pain in my left arm when I do certain things. There are things we can always do to keep ourselves moving, because that's the key right? Just keep moving, just do something!!


With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Wow, this is a great post, Kirstin. Terri got me out on a paddle board, but not standing yet. The wind was stiff and my balance is not yet up to par, but I got the knack of paddled it. It was so much fun. You look so fit and agile standing on the board. Good for you. I wish you were going to be around in September so we could meet. Have a great week. :)

    1. That's so awesome Marsha! Way to go! I will be here in September. We are only gone in August and October.


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