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This weeks theme is back on the lines of travel....vacations. I posted last year about vacations...Find that post here. I also have a page dedicated to posts on some of our vacations. Find that here. I wrote a Sunday Stills post on our favorite vacation spot here.

We are lovers of vacations....Taking time to get away, whether for a long weekend or an extended trip. We try for a few a year. If we can't travel, we try to find things to do locally. Maybe we need to look at vacations a bit differently sometimes..maybe we need to see them as a time to unplug, unwind, let go of the worries...maybe it's a "daycation" we need and can afford. A day where we just go spend time somewhere we've never been even if it's a town a few miles away. Explore, get away. 

"When all else fails...take a vacation" Betty Williams

Maybe we need to get lost in a book even if we are home for a day! I know for many, when Covid hit, they didn't go anywhere. I didn't stay home. I still worked, and I did take a few trips early on. Sometimes we have to get creative. 

"Vacations always end. It's the very fat that it's finite that makes traveling special. You could move to any one of those destinations you love in small doses, and it wouldn't be the spellbinding, life-altering seven days you spent there as a guest, letting a place into your heart fully, letting it change you. The song ends. The dance end."
Emily Henry, People We Meet on Vacation

Now I want to read the book, The People We Meet on Vacation. That quote from the book was so good and what a true statement. I often wonder that about one of our favorite local places...if we moved there, would it still hold the magic, or would it lose all sense of what it gives us as a vacation spot. It would certainly take intentionality. 

We have two trips planned this year. A week long trip to northern Ohio, Kelley's Island which is located on Lake Erie, to visit. my aunts. I was there in June of 2020 and enjoyed my time, so now we are going as a family. The second trip is a 10 day trip to see the New England States. We met with friends last weekend who went last fall and we are starting to do our planning on what we want to see, etc. They suggested an app called RoadTrippers. They used it to map out their entire trip. It looks really helpful. The last time we were in the upper right USA was when we were first married and we visited my hubby's family in Pennsylvania, we also hit Ohio to see some of my family and then Niagra falls and upstate NY. This time we'll hit the other NE states. 

I'm way behind on this post so I'll end it here. I hope you enjoyed the quotes I found and you can always check out my other vacation posts. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Kirstin, I'm excited that you get to visit the other NE states. I have been all over the United States, but have spent little time in the NE. I think you are going to be in OH at about the same time I am going to be in OR. If not, maybe we can meet up in late Sept. I'll be there the 21-the 26 or 7th. I'll have to check my itinerary. Then I'm going to Spokane for a few days with Terri. I haven't been there for 40+ years and only for an instant. Have a wonderful trip.


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