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This week we're exploring traveling by way of planes or trains. I have traveled by plane many many times, but rarely by train. In fact, I don't think I'd really ever ridden on a train until we went to Europe, unless you count the subway in NY which they called the train. When I think of a train though, I think of being above ground, taking in the countryside. Planes are great, but I'll admit I get nervous with turbulence. Take offs make me nervous too sometimes. Once I'm in the air I relax a bit more, except that I hate being stuck sitting in such a small space. So, maybe the reality is I don't like planes much, but realize they are a necessity if I want to get where I'm going quicker than any other form of transportation would get me there. 

My dad was an avid builder of model airplanes and it was always fun to fly them. I actually built one or part of one myself...I don't even know what happened to it. My dad worked for Boeing as a machinist and so airplanes have just always been a part of our lives in some way. He could tell what kind of plane was in the sky and whenever we traveled he would ask me we flew on (747, etc.). I always tried to remember to pay attention so I could tell him. 

I think it would be fun to take a dinner train. There are a few in our area. There is also a Christmas train nearby as well that I've never been on. 

In the neighboring town where I grew up is the Historic Snoqualmie Depot. It was originally built in 1890. There is an old train that you can ride or view some of the old locomotive and cars that sit on unused tracks along the road. They're pretty cool. I don't think I have any photos of them though. 

On to my quotes. 

I think whether travel takes us to faraway places, or in our own backyard, or maybe even via a video on youtube or Discovery channel, we should make time for travel. I'm so thankful that we have made this a priority in our family. The most we did growing up was camp locally or an occasional trip back to Ohio to visit family. 

There is definitely something about being above the earth and looking down on all the various textures of landscapes, from prairies to mountains to oceans. I remember flying to Europe and looking out the window and seeing all these windmills....in the ocean, and I thought...am I imagining that? How in the world are they in the ocean. 

I can imagine this to be true....especially if I had a window seat and was traveling alone. I'm not sure I'd do much reflecting if I was on a subway. 

How true.....I can imagine the sites you'd see along the way. I think it would be fun, though I know I'd wish we could stop so I could take it in more. 

One thing I want to try is Railriding. There are several in Oregon. Unused tracks become a place where people can in a sense "cycle" their own rail car with a guide. I'm sure I'd be sore after this but I think it could be a lot of fun! They have several options, from 1 hour to 4 hours. 

Plane ride to NYC. I don't often get the window seat. 

Waiting on the subway in NYC...we navigated this pretty well and only messed up once, but people were kind and helped us.

Oh boy...navigating the trains in Italy and Switzerland..yikes, but we managed these pretty well and didn't get lost once or miss a train. 

Took a puddle jumper from Switzerland to Venice. 

I wish I had more time or felt up to digging through photos for some pics I know I have from some air museums we've been to. We've to a few local ones here and also a big one in Ohio. It's always so fascinating to see all the older planes. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. You packed this post full of interesting transportation memories. I had a long conversation with my SIL on our vacation to Palm Desert. She told me she hates to travel (on the way back). LOL But her idea of traveling is getting somewhere and then having to move there. Not taking time to look around. I'm going to have to so some travel therapy with her. You must know a lot about flying (and Seattle) if your dad worked for Boeing. You definitely should take a dinner train, or even a dinner cruise. We took one of those in San Diego once. I'm sure Portland has them. It seems like we rode an old fashioned train when we lived in Portland. My grandparents wanted us to have the experience. It was probably up the Columbia River Gorge, but I've forgotten now. Miriam, Terri, Cee and I are meeting in September, probably the end of the month at least to see the dahlia fields. If you are in town you should join us. :) I don't have an exact date yet.

    1. THere are a few dinner trains and dinner cruises that I would like to go on. I would love to join you....let me know dates. Thank you for thinking of me.


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