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It's another week of  Writer's Quotes Wednesday, hosted by Marsha from Always Write. If you're interested in joining, you can find more about #WQW here.

This week we're back to our senses with the sense of smell! I found some awesome quotes that really resonated with me. 

There is so much power in our sense of smell...the power to bring back memories or create new ones, smells that revolt us, smells that make us want to stay and linger. What smells amazing to me, you might not like. It's very subjective. Very powerful!

I love the smell of campfire. My hubby? Not so much! Same with lilacs. 
Who doesn't love the smell of BBQ? Well, somebody might not. 

If you live on a farm, you might love the smell of silage. It makes me want to gag.

I love the smell of fresh cut grass, or how it smells when it's been hot and then it rains.

At the end of 2020 we caught the you know what! My only symptoms...I lost my sense of taste and smell...thankfully it came back within a week, but I know people who still haven't gotten it completely back. I would be so sad to lose it completely. 

I cannot stand the smell of marijuana! YUCK! Or cigarette smoke. 

For a few years we lived with someone while we built our house. She had cats. One day I walked into the bedroom my girls slept in and it smelled BAD. It smelled like cat pee...I hunted everywhere thinking the cat got in there and did his duty. Nope...you know what it was? Their soccer shin guards. Ugghh. So nasty! They went right out to the garage. 

My grandma made all the grandkids afghans. When my daughter's each got theirs, they both said "it smells like Ma, in a good way"..lol. But the smell reminded them of visiting her house. The smell of White Shoulders, lilies of the valley. Those were her signature fragrances.  Honeysuckle reminds me of visiting her house in Ohio. My mom had Daphne Adora shrubs outside her house...when I smell them they remind me of her. The smell of fresh baking bread reminds me of her too.

I thought this was a good quote....we probably don't use our sense of smell as often as we should. Do we stop and pause and take in the scents around us? I know I don't. 

Haha....what smells make you happy? I l do love the smell of coffee, the smell of most flowers makes me happy. The smell of baking makes me happy!

Hope you enjoyed these. See you next week. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. I agree about all your favorite smells. Great post. I never realized how important smell and memories are! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Kirstin, I love your quotes and how you've captured and explained aromas and scents. I purposely borrowed the same theme from Marsha for Sunday Stills tomorrow so we could double-dip! I've linked this post to my post which publishes tomorrow, but you are free to link another one as well. Just in case you need a break, LOL!

    1. Thanks Terri!!! I think it was awesome to take on the same theme. So fun! I wish I had more time to get some new photos. I was going to try and go to a few of the places with "eeww" scents...lol.


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