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This #sundaystills challenge is hosted by Terri from Second Wind LeisureI've also been loving visiting the blogs of the other participants and being inspired by their interpretations of the theme. Sometimes I'm a week late commenting but I do try to visit everyone. After all, if you take the time to produce something, you sure hope people visit.

This weeks theme is a color challenge. Teal or Aqua...I actually can't remember if I commented on anyone's posts last week. I should go look. If I didn't, I'm sorry. I'm going to try and go back and comment. Of course, it's also possible no one even notices because I'm pretty sure Terri is the only one who visits...though there have been a few others from time to time. Thank you Terri! Lol. 

I didn't get out to take any photos last week. Our weather has been horrendous and other than working, I didn't go anywhere. I take those last few sentences back...this morning before I could post this, my hubby wanted to go for a walk. We drove about 10 minutes and walked the Kalama waterfront and lo and behold there was some teal and aqua so I had to pause a few times to take photos..they're at the bottom.

So I'm thinking this chair is more turquoise than teal...sometimes colors mess with me because there are so many variations. It's pretty though so I'm going to leave it. 

I took my grandkids to the park last Wednesday and this slide was a teal color. 

Another chair that's probably more turquoise than teal or aqua, but let's pretend. 

This water feature at the Ft. Worth Water Gardens was so unique. 

I love murals and our nearby cities have so many. The one above is in Portland. Isn't it beautiful?

celebrating my daughter's birthday with balloons...the afghan on her bed which was made by my grandma is more teal than the balloons I suppose. Again, we'll pretend.

Table outside one of our favorite juice bars and the photo I chose to use for my photography challenge photo. 

This chair was fun. Me and my cousin when we were all visiting in Ohio. Where we'll be going in August. 

Finally from our walk today....some teal in the sky. We managed to get a good walk in before the rain came. 

There have been a total of 4 totem poles at the Kalama River Park. One of them was over 140' and was one solid piece. Often they are two or more pieces put together. That one however had to be taken down I believe in 2018. The city of Longview donated a totem that was in their town, carved by the same man, Chief Lelooska to add to the park, it may be the one that was lying next to this one and is in need of repair or they just haven't set it up yet. They're so fascinating. This was an interesting article. I should have paid attention on our walk. I can't remember if they're all in one place or spread out. 

Our walk took us up a set of stairs, across a bridge over the RR tracks and down the other side where we were greeted by this mural. 

Then I spied a few boats in the marina that were teal/aqua....my husband probably laughed to himself because he's a man who wants to keep walking and I have no problem stopping and taking photos or checking something out. That little boat was called the Butterfly!

Well, there you have it. My take on teal and aqua...I love these challenges because if I have time they make me pause, slow down and pay attention to what's around me and if I don't have time, it's always fun looking through old photos. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. All of these beautiful images show teal and aqua very nicely, Kirstin. Turquoise is so close but they all work! Your teal and aqua images are perfect examples. I'm glad the color challenges actually make us look more critically into the world around us--I know it helps me! So cool about the totem poles. Now I might paint my bear's eyes in turquoise. Still a WIP! I giggled about your weather report--we keep getting hail every 20 minutes in between sun. Weird! I appreciate you checking out my post about the whale sharks. They are so massive and safe to be around since they have no teeth (but baleen). But their wide open maws are impressively huge--luckily they are bored with puny humans and blithely move on.

    1. Weather is so weird. I'm so excited to see your totem pole done. Oh goodness...when I read it I thought it said "whales AND sharks"...lol.

  2. Your selection is perfect! You found so many teal and aqua items. Well done.

  3. Great pictures :-)

    Kalama is a nice, quiet little town to visit - I'm drive through there quite a bit on my country roads daytrips ;-) The riverside trail is a nice strecth of the legs, too. I remember when that totem pole was just stood in place in a nice grassy field (that should age me. LOL!) I'm thinking about booking a night in that Lodge ... I only live 15 minutes from Kalama, but I've never booked a room before - Bob always did that - and I need to know how to do that before I take that road trip to Florence, OR I am planning.

    Have a funtastic upcoming week!

    1. Thank you for visiting Val. It is a quiet place. We live about 10 minutes south so not that far. So we must live close to each other. I live in Woodland. We've eaten at the lodge a few times, but not stayed there. My son in law has taken many trips to Florence with friends and family to ride quads on the sand dunes.

  4. A fabulous variety Kirsten. At first I though it was sand on the floor of the bedroom when you mention the Afghan on her bed. Wonderful balloons. She must have been quite pleased :)

    1. Thank you for visiting. She was pleased...haha, I guess it does look like sand.

  5. Hi Kirstin, your teal shots are fabulous and show a great variety! isn't it great when we have something in mind and we then hone in on it out of the blue (so to speak). That mural really stood out to me :)

    1. Thank you for visiting Deb. I hope to go on a mural walk in a nearby town sometime soon with my youngest daughter. It was my mothers day request since she was out of town on that day.


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