Taking in Life Around Me....#SundayStills.....Theme: Fabulous Florals.

This #sundaystills challenge is hosted by Terri from Second Wind LeisureI've also been loving visiting the blogs of the other participants and being inspired by their interpretations of the theme. Sometimes I'm a week late commenting but I do try to visit everyone. After all, if you take the time to produce something, you sure hope people visit.

I didn't post last week since I just couldn't come up with anything. This weeks theme is fabulous florals and I had every intention of heading down into our little town to visit our Holland America tulip fields and our popular Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens. They were both open, the weather yesterday was gorgeous, BUT I was babysitting (which I could have brought the grandkids with me) AND I was feeling a bit under the weather. I've had a nagging cough for a week, that is okay during the day, but at night is terrible. Yesterday I felt like I coughed all day, and had a few coughing fits. I knew if I went out in public and started coughing people would probably look at me cross eyed. So I stayed home. Maybe I'll try going next weekend or during the week. 

So because of that I'll just have to search my archives to find some favorites. I love flowers and can't wait to someday landscape and have more in my yard. 

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul".

On a day trip to Hood River, my daughter and I visited a beautiful lavender farm. 

I just loved how in Switzerland most homes had window boxes filled with geraniums. This was in one of the oldest town in Switzerland, Ausserberg. It's first mentioned in 1378. You can check out my trips tab and look for Europe if you want to see where we went.

Playing outside with bubbles and one landed on this daisy, so of course I had to try and get a photo. 

There's just something about gardens and nature that is relaxing, that creates a sense of calm and peace. My dream would be to have several flower garden areas at our house...I hope it will happen someday. Maybe now that the house is mostly done, next we can focus on landscape. 

These planters of geraniums were in Italy and I've thought of printing it to frame. I love the red against the gray background. 

Woodburn Tulip Festival a few years ago.

I think tulips will always be one of my favorite spring flowers. That and lilacs. 

This cottage garden was in a small village in Switzerland and I was in love. My hubby likes more organized gardens, but me? I love these kinds most of all. 

Back in Hood River at the lilac farm, also filled with daisies...and bees. 

I love wildflowers....the two above photos are Trillium (you are not allowed to pick them). The one below is a Columbine. I love the colors.

The following Dahlia photos were ones I took years ago when I planted some up on our property. I was playing around with my camera. At the time it was an entry level DSLR with a kit lens. But it was great and sometimes I feel like I knew how to use that one better than the one I have now. I just need to practice more. 

And there's nothing like Farmers Market Flowers. So stunning!!! 

"The earth laughs in flowers".
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love bluebells, and these were in bloom last weekend. Notice the choppy edges...the deer are picking at everything. I love seeing them but they drive me nuts with their snacking. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Oh my gosh, I don't know which image to comment on first--as I scrolled I think, oh boy, that's awesome, then the next amazing shot pops up. Not bad for digging these out of your archives. Probably a good idea to stay home, especially when you're coughing--people can be a bit evil with their stink-eye! Hope you're feeling better. I love the daisies with Mt Hood in the background--truly an amazing shot! Your image of the bubble on the daisy is pretty sweet, too! You remind me that we have a lot of lilacs around Spokane (called the Lilac City), and a lavender farm fairly close-by. Glad you could wow us with your fab florals this week!

  2. Your flower photos are fabulous Kirstin, and I love the bubble daisy one. Hope you're feeling better and the coughing in public has become a real thing hasn't it??


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