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This #sundaystills challenge is hosted by Terrie from Second Wind LeisureI've also been loving visiting the blogs of the other participants and being inspired by their interpretations of the theme.

This weeks theme is Making Meaningful Memories. I am all about making memories, capturing and preserving memories. I can always be found with either my phone or camera with me, out and ready. Sometimes on our weekend walks my husband will ask why I need. my phone...mostly because what if I want to take a picture of something. I'm not the best at video, but I'm getting better. I take A LOT of video of my grandkids. 

For me, being able to look back at photos is therapeutic, refreshing. They are reminders, sometimes of people who are no longer with us, sometimes of how far we've come, sometimes just for fun, sometimes to even see how I've improved in my photography skills. I may annoy my family sometimes, but you know what? I don't care....haha!!! I don't know how many times one of my girls have said, "hey, do you have a picture or video of this or that?" Why, yes, yes I do...lol. 

I don't even know where to start with photos for this post. I did go down memory lane since tomorrow is my youngest daughters 23rd birthday! It was so fun looking through pictures. 

"We didn't know we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun."

She was such a little peanut. 
Now she's 23 and living her best life. I am so blessed by both my girls. 

I'm also pretty sure that other photographers will agree that we are more often behind a camera than in front of it. I'm trying to be better about being in photos. Like below with my grandson in 2020 outside Magnolia in Waco.

"The best thing about memories is making them".

We always try to include others in our local trips, whether for a few days or the whole time. Especially parents. My inlaws love the beach so they are usually up for joining us!
While having lunch in Portland one time I spotted this painted wooden board on the wall. It immediately brought back a memory of my mom. When I was younger, she took a toll painting class and painted a board just like this. I actually looked at the signature to see the name. I don't know what happened to hers.
Gotta love family! When we were in Florida in 2018 my cousin got ahold of my phone and I later found several photos like the one above. You know what? I kept them all, because it reminds me of them, how fun and funny they are. 
Preparing to make memories with a flight to Europe in 2019. Oh, I hope we can go back someday!
Making memories with my friend Val at the beach. Our hubby's and a few other guys went crabbing. We were the only ladies so we had fun together. 
Family trips and vacations have always been important to us. Because we had family in Florida, we've been to Disney World many times. This was the last time we went in 2018. We started going when our youngest was turning 7 or 8. (we were waiting til she was tall enough to go on the rides)  
Making memories with my Ohio family during my trip in 2020. We are going back here in August, and I can't wait. 
As my daughter and I paddled around on these boards we had some great conversations. Making meaningful memories can come in all forms. 
I think I mentioned above that pictures are valuable to me. This one is me with my cat Abby. She was a great cat. Even when she jumped off the windowsill, landing on my face, leaving claw marks that looked like pimples that had been popped....haha. I also loved Holly Hobby. Kind of wish I had saved that bedspread. 

I have thousands of photos and it's often hard to go through them and delete. I want to keep them all. On my computer, on my phone, in a drawer. I recently bought a great set of containers to store my photos in. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I hope to soon. It will be quite the project. I might tackle it when my hubby is on a business trip later this month. I'll try and share a photo of it next week.

"Memories are special moments that tell our story".

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Family memories are the best, Kirstin, and you are so right about how looking back at photos is refreshing and therapeutic. Doing so certainly takes us back in time to that moment. See, you're like me and many others...taking your phone along, just in case there is a new memory to be made in a photo. Happy birthday to your daughter and enjoy making new memories, my friend! Have a blessed week!


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