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This weeks theme is Signs of Spring/March Equinox. Is it bad that I had to look up March Equinox? Or even the definition of Equinox? I think I'll blame it on being tired and not on the fact that I either, 1) Had no idea what it meant or 2) Knew, but forgot. Anyways! Spring is upon us and I'm so happy to have longer days...I prefer them to more daylight in the mornings. Our PNW weather is rainy, which is typical, but it is part of what makes our part of the states pretty and green. 

I am one of those people who love something about each season. Spring, for me, is a sign of new life, fresh buds poking from branches and through the remaining dry leaves. It's the sound of birds and frogs. The smells of first cut grass mixed with rain after a long fall and winter. Here in Washington it also means a lot of rain, which isn't my favorite thing, however that rain makes the sunny days all the more blissful! I actually had a video that I had shared before but for some reason I couldn't get the video to load from YouTube. You can click here to go there to listen. They were just down the street from our house. 

Tulip festivals are wonderful. Our own little town used to have a yearly tulip festival since we are home to Holland America Bulb Farms, but in recent years they've stopped doing it and even reduced the size of their fields and viewing beds. It's sad. The photos above and below were taken at another Festival an hour or so away from us called The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. 

I love almost every spring bulb that blossoms. Tulips are amazing because they have so many varieties, shapes and colors. 

Yes....Sometimes our soul needs to be revived as well. It grows tired and weary of the long winter season...it's ready for new growth, change, rebirth. It forgot what was planted deep below the surface of the soil during those dormant months. 
Spring at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens was stunning! They have various displays through the year by different artists. These birds (also other animals) were on display and so stunning. 

It's not only a good time to spring clean our homes, but also our own life, taking a moment to pause and take stock of anything that doesn't serve us well and let it go. Wouldn't you agree?
Daffodils in my own yard. Someday I'll expand my flowers, but for now I just put things in the ground wherever I find room. 

I feel like the quote above totally fits the PNW spring to a tee! We will get mixtures of sunshine and rain, warm days and cold...often all within the same day. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Kirstin, that last quote does fit the PNW. Your tulip pictures are astounding. The colors make spring a reality! Daffodils are pretty too, but not as showy as tulips. The picture with the tractor is my favorite. That picture would make a great puzzle with so many colors. Wonderful post, full of joy and expectations.

    1. I agree, tulips are definitely more showy than daffodils. That tulip farm had so many old tractors and machines, it was cool.

  2. Oh yes...spring clean your life as well as your home. I always fall into bad lifestyle habits during the winter months. But by spring time, I give myself a good shake out in nature and rebalance my energy.


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