Taking in Life Around Me.....#Sundaystills...Theme: Fresh

This #sundaystills challenge is hosted by Terrie from Second Wind LeisureI've also been loving visiting the blogs of the other participants and being inspired by their interpretations of the theme.

This weeks theme is "fresh". Fresh is a word that can have several interpretations.

* in regards to food: recently made, or I would say grown (fresh produce)
* to feel energized
* perhaps it means to flirt "getting fresh with someone"
* maybe it's a new or different (fresh) idea, perspective, outlook.
* how about clean or cool (it just feels fresh)
* unblemished

So many ways we encounter that word on a daily basis. For me, it seems to mostly refer to food, although fresh perspective fits as well. Here's what I came up with.

When visiting Orcas Island last August we visited an oyster farm and had fresh oysters in honor of my dad. I admit they weren't horrible, but I'm not a fan. 

There is nothing like fresh coffee. When I'm babysitting at my daughters and Pepper takes a nap I like to make myself a yummy Nespresso and add some yummy foamy milk to the top. 
Like I said at the beginning of the post most often when I think of fresh, I think of food. Freshly picked, baked, cooked. Farmers markets filled with fresh produce. Gardens packed with goodies. 

On Thursday we woke up to snow! I did not expect that. These little bird prints were in the freshly fallen snow. 

Fresh spring flowers popping up from the ground. These were at my daughters. I have some daffodils that are starting to emerge at my house. I love crocus though and am thinking I'm going to take a few bulbs from her. 
Fresh flowers for a birthday party. I loved how they looked in my new sink.
Freshly watered houseplants. 
Fresh picked blueberries! Hoping my cover for them can be replaced before they start to bud otherwise the deer will get at them.
Hubby sneaking a kiss (getting fresh) at the beach. 
Cheese being made fresh in Switzerland. Such a cool process. The liquid is pressed out using that gadget at the center of the table. 

Fresh crab caught when my hubby and buddies went crabbing! Nothing like some fresh crab. We at it with butter, we made a crab dip and we had crab fettuccini. YUM.
Fresh, new perspective is often needed to navigate life. When taking pictures sometimes it's helps to switch the angle, to get a little lower or higher, look from a different perspective to get a different shot. Books, blog posts, articles often help me gain an understanding or a new perspective. 

Last week I went to my first paint and sip. Fresh, blank canvases waiting to be painted. 
This was my finished painting. Not bad for the first time. I found that when I couldn't quite get the clouds or waves right, I just did what felt right...I took it a different perspective. 
This sign made us laugh. In the summer, the PNW can be hit fairly heavy with wildfires and one of our favorite areas in Central Oregon often is plagued by them. In 2017 when a few fires were in the area while on vacation we ventured out only occasionally and this sign offering fresh air inside the store was awesome and it was free...lol. 


With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. What a great collection of all things "fresh," Kirstin! The free fresh air sign at the end is funny but sad given the potential for wildfires in the west. Love all your food pics but the idea and image of the blueberries stole the show! I hope to have a blueberry plant of my own some day--love! thanks for sharing this week and enjoy a good one!

    1. THank you Terri! I have about 8 blueberry plants and get so many blueberries each year. The last heavy snow we had, ruined it's covering so we need to make a new one, otherwise the deer eat the flowers and then we get no berries. Or if we have berries, the birds get to them.


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