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Ahhhh....COLD. What a word. A word, that again, has so many meanings and interpretations. 

*of or at a low or relatively low temperature
*lacking affection or warmth of feeling; unemotional
*not showing kindness, love or emotion and not friendly
*depressing or dispiriting
*a virus
*feeling or characterized by fear or horror

Right now we are entering into winter. I live in the PNW where we experience all 4 seasons, though in my neck of the woods, winter can be mild, as in, we rarely get snow, and it often comes in February. I love snow, I don't necessarily love cold. Haha! But I also wouldn't want to live in a state where it was "warm" 12 months out of the year...I'm weird, I know. I follow an amazing gal who lives in Wisconsin, and it gets really cold there. As I was watching her on her IG stories one day talking about how cold it was, I thought "how amazing that depending on where we live, we become acclimated to the cold". I probably would have felt like I was dying at any temp below 30 and here she is functioning, talking without shivering. 

Do we become acclimated to other variations of the word "cold" as well? Perhaps we do. 
We become accustomed to that person being cold towards us. We accept our numb feelings as normal instead of getting to the root of why we feel that way. Do we let people being cold towards us to define us or derail us. 

Here are some quotes I found that really resonated with me. 

It's so easy to focus on the negativity that's going on in the world these days, the "coldness" if you will. It can feel as though people would rather be right than be kind. But we can counter those feelings or those interactions with kindness, by kindling the fires of goodness, and love, and compassion, of understanding.

I think often of family dynamics and how you can have shared experiences within a family and yet choose to respond to them completely differently and thus journey through life on different paths depending on the lens we view the future from. 

Oh, there is nothing better than a cold drink on a hot day! Or just a cold drink when thirsty. I do not like room temp water. I LOVE a cold glass of water. Now, especially on a hot day, but anytime of year. It quenches my thirst. 

How true is this...when winter is ending, and the first warm rays of sun and rising temps hit us, we just savor it, don't we? Well, we do if we live in a 4 season climate, and fall through spring are cold and chilly! 

What are your thoughts on the word "cold"? 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Kirstin, I love the PNW. We moved there when I was 15 from Indiana where both the cold and hot were unbearable to me. I remember delivering papers in the snow thinking, there must be a better place to live that here. I was about 14 and had never lived anywhere else. We moved to Portland when I was 15, and I was in heaven. I would have stayed there forever, like my brother, had it not been for marrying someone who moved. You live in one of the most beautiful and comfortable places on earth, I think. (If you like rain!) :)

    1. I agree...though I'm really not a fan of rain. I tolerate it because of the beautiful green it provides. Portland has not been so pretty in the last year, which is so sad. But I love where I live.

    2. I agree. My brother lives there and he says he can't even go downtown. Another friend said that Powell Blvd. is lined on both sides with homeless people. I don't know what the answer to that is, but it is unsafe and unsanitary for them and everyone that travels through there.

  2. I loved your post....such an enjoyable read!


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