Taking in Life Around Me......#sundaystills November 28 Theme: Cozy

This #sundaystills challenge is hosted by Terrie from Second Wind LeisureI've also been loving visiting the blogs of the other participants and being inspired by their interpretations of the theme.

The theme for this week is cozy, and it's definitely the season for being "cozy".  I'm looking forward to having our tree up this weekend and the feeling of cozy that a decorated house creates. Cozy doesn't just apply to the "colder months"....sometimes we associate it with a cozy coffee shop, or bookstore. To cozy up to a loved one. To be cozy in soft green grass, or in a chair on the porch with a good book. Sometimes it's putting on a comfy cozy pair of soft pants and a baggy sweatshirt or sweater, or warm slippers. A good cup of hot tea or coffee. Maybe it's reading a "cozy mystery"...I've seen a few books described as such, and I haven't quite figured out what exactly they mean by that but I like the term. It can refer to a cozy space (not large, but small and cozy). 

I always wish for at least a few days in winter when we are snowed in. No pressure to go anywhere, and we can just stay in and watch the snow fall...it doesn't happen too often. 

My hubby and stayed in this cute air bnb in August and it was super cozy. Loved it. I spent lots of time just sitting on the deck.

Getting to sit and read in a quiet space is cozy to me. Especially if the furniture is comfy. In our new addition, we'll have a gas fireplace, and I can't wait to sit there. My hope for that space is that it has a hygge feel...a feeling of cozy, come sit and visit type space. 
When we were in Switzerland in 2019 we sat down around a friends table and ate a meal of Raclette....potatoes, melted cheese and yummy toppings. Typically a fall/winter meal, they made it for us because they knew we'd enjoy it. 
On our recent trip to Sunriver/Bend, we stopped for breakfast at a yummy cafe. Instead of waiting 30 minutes for a table inside, we opted to cozy up to one of the outdoor fire pits, eat there and sip hot chai and cocoa. Definitely cozy because it was cold!!
Honestly, hot beverages always make me feel cozy! 

I borrowed this mug from my youngest daughters collection the other day because of what it said. I didn't get my post up on Sunday because life was busy, but it was a fitting mug. 
3 cozy things...plants (because they make a house feel cozy, books, and coffee!
This time of year, my Christmas tree makes me feel all cozy! 
Baked breads, desserts, soups, all things comfort food is a definite "cozy" feeling. 
I love a decorated front porch. (I haven't decorated mine yet). It feels cozy when I walk up to the door. 
Snow in the yard creates a feeling of coziness and peace, and quiet. All seems right in the world under a blanket of white. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. I so agree with you, Kirstin, that "cozy" can be a year 'round feeling, whether it is hot or cold outside. Your beautiful images show us how cozy looks all year round! Your blanketed with snow is indeed a cozy scene and I love your warm beverages and the hygge they create. Home decor creates a cozy, or homey look which works for me! You aren't near any flooding are you? Crazy warm weather we are having! Have a wonderful and hopefully stress-free week!

    1. Thanks Terri. No, we aren't near any flooding, though our river does flood and in 1996 we had a "100 year flood" that was terrible. Our home is also up a hill so we are safe from flooding, but the hill to our house has experienced tree falls, and should there be a terrible flood, we'd be stuck if we didn't get down and somewhere safer first.

  2. I love your interpretation of cozy! I especially love all the pics of delicious hot drinks! And I too hope for some snow this year so I can venture out in it - and then return to cozy up inside! :)

    1. Thank you Susanne! I agree, I want snow again.

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