Weekend Coffee Share: Come Sit with Me

It's another week of Weekend Coffee Share. I always love everyone's posts. Are you like me and try to visit everyone? It doesn't always happen but I try. 

If we were having coffee we'd probably talk about:

The weather: Wow, did we have a doozy of a storm last weekend. Though at my home, it lasted all of about 15 minutes, thunder, high wind with rain and hail, and then we lost power for 3 hours. Now we are back to just very wet, rainy weather. It seems all across the states and even overseas they were hearing about what we were predicted to experience. A Bomb Cyclone. In easy, quick terms a Bomb Cyclone refers to the rapid drop in pressure in a strengthening storm. "Bomb" because of how quickly they strengthened. 

The pumpkin patch I've been working at decided that we were going to close Sunday. It was a good thing. Had they opened it would have been nearly to impossible to get people to safety because how how fast it came. They lost a huge Oak Tree where normally people would stand and park cars to load. One of their trampolines also flew from their yard, over the fence and onto the gourd arbor. 

Granted I know this is nothing compared to what others in more tropical regions or tornado prone areas experience, but for us these are big. And we have so many trees, they do a lot of damage. 

What we're thinking about: Someone mentioned in a comment last week that they were having a hard time commenting on my posts? They eventually were able to comment, but not all the time or on all posts, I can't remember and I can't find who or where the comment was. Maybe the platform, or browser? I am not techie when it comes to blog things. I know many use Wordpress or pay to have their own domain..I'm just a hobby blogger who 1) Doesn't want to nor know how to switch everything to a different platform, and 2) Don't want to spend any money. So I'll probably just leave this as is and hope for the best.

My youngest daughter went to her first concert last night after almost 2 years (she loves concerts). She was nervous because they had to have a negative covid test and she was worried (did they get the right one, etc)..they did, they were "approved", but then I thought how crazy that those who haven't been vaccinated have to have a test that says they don't have Covid, but those who are vaccinated don't, but actually they can still be sick with covid as well. I know there's so much controversy between this, that was just what I was feeling in the moment. Either way, they were able to go and had fun. It was Dan and Shay. She went to their first concert in 2015 when they played at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland and now they're playing at the Moda Center. She has been to every one of their concerts that has come to Portland. She loves music and appreciates the talent so many artists have. 

What we're thankful for: Safety, especially since if we had opened the pumpkin patch it would have been dangerous. 

What we're reading: I started reading the new book I bought The Bookshop of Yesterdays. I think it's going to be a fun read. I also got notification that our December Shelfrighteous book is going to be "How the Penguins Saved Veronica" by Hazel Prior. It sounds like a fun one. A month before the box is to be shipped, they notify you of the upcoming book. You can choose to opt out if you want to. I like that about this subscription. 

Around the home: Absolutely nothing. I feel like we are stalled. We have been staining trimwork, so that's something. But other than that, not much else is taking place. My hubby is hoping to possibly install a few doors tomorrow. And Monday he'll be bringing home a few more backsplash samples for the kitchen. 

From the kitchen: It was hit and miss this week due to schedules. I did make Tomato Tortellini soup one night and posted that for a recipe blog hop. Recipe here. Tonight (Friday) I made creamy Tuscan Chicken over Zucchini noodles. Tomorrow I plan to put Taco soup in the crockpot and Sunday Baked Potatoes with a vegan cashew cheese over the top. I'm at the Pumpkin Patch and these are easy to do. 

Favorite Quote: I shared these two quotes for my #WQWWC post

I loved both of these quotes. Especially the top one. So good, and so true! 

I love this one but laughed and added....really, really brave, or really, really stupid. 

Favorite photo of the week: I didn't take many pictures this week, but I did take a few of our hill. Usually throughout fall and winter I take regular photos of our hill because it's so pretty as it changes.

What we've listened to or watched: I watched a few videos this week by Zubin Damania otherwise known as ZDoggMD. A former hospitalist, he began creating videos etc, to deal with burnout and address issues he was seeing in the healthcare system. I have enjoyed his videos on IG, FB, etc because he considers himself as "alt-middle" especially when it comes to the pandemic and one he share about division was just really good. The nice thing is, I don't always have to agree with someone 100% to realize they have something to offer me and something I can learn.

Randomness: I need to remember to write things down as I think of them. I had several thoughts for this weeks post and just forgot them. Most of them. I think that means there are just too many irons in the fire. So I don't have much in the way of randomness, except my flyaway thoughts. 

Oh, I did get my book "Big Board for Families" this week. It's the one I won with the charceuterie board I shared about last week. It's going to be so fun. 

I also took time to do my nails for the first time in months. I love Colorstreet nail strips, but my nails were having a rough time for several months. I think it was hormonal but also I probably wasn't giving them enough of a break between color strips. Hopefully they're back to normal.

Check out all the other posts on Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I'm off to go visit some now. #weekendcoffeeshare

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Hi Kirstin - in answer to your issue with the comments, it happens to people who are using Mac products to comment. Blogger doesn't play well with Iphones and Ipads for some reason. If they switch to opening your post with their Chrome browser, then they can leave a comment that will "stick". Loved your nail polish - my SIL used to apply the strips a lot but found they weren't good for her nails over time and has stopped - so they might be the cause of your nail problems?

    1. Thank you Leanne. That makes sense about the comments. Yes, I need to give my nails breaks and apply moisturizer, etc to them between applications.

  2. We now have to show our Covid safety certificate on paper or smartphone if we want to go into a restaurant, cancert, cinema or whatever ! A mask in all closed rooms and of course desinfect your hands ! I am fed up ! Now we will get vaccinated for the 3rd time. I think we will have to learn to lie with the virus and not mix up a simple cold with a Covid infection !

    1. Yes I agree. I had a head cold a few weeks ago and several people asked if I went and got tested. I didn't, It is a bit frustrating. So farm our restaurants in our county haven't required them. My daughter went to a restaurant in San Francisco that did require proof, but they were allowed to go inside to order and get their food and then had to leave.

  3. The Fall colours on your hill look lovely. I hope you share what you create using The Big Boards for Families book and your charcuterie board. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

    1. Thank you Natalie. I love our hill. I will definitely share when I make something or use the board.


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