Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's time for Wednesday Hodgepodge with Joyce, who blogs at From This Side of The Pond.  Each week she'll pose some questions for us to answer. What a great way to journal life.

1. Is Halloween a big deal in your neighborhood? No, we live on a private road and while there are quite a few houses, most people go into town to Trick or Treat. I never really see any houses decorated either. Was it something you celebrated as a child? As a child we did do Halloween to some degree, but not in a big celebratory way. With your own children? No, we did events at our church, but did not go around to other homes and we never celebrated because it was just such a dark holiday. Do you like candy corn? I used to love it. I'd probably still eat a few, but now I know what's in them, probably not. 

2. Are you a scaredy cat? I used to be more of a scaredy cat, but I think over the years I've become more brave. About what? I'm afraid of heights, I used to really be afraid of the dark and being alone, but not so much anymore. I did go to a few haunted houses in my years, and didn't care for them. I don't like walking on trails in the dark (what kind of wildlife is out there watching me that I can't see). I feel like even if I'm scared of something, I can make myself be brave if I need to be.

3. Last time you were somewhere that should have been busy but felt like a 'ghost town'? Hmmm....I'm not sure, probably many places during the last almost two years. 

4. Do you like chili and if so how do you like it? Beans or no beans? Meat or no meat? Beef or chicken? Spice or no spice? Favorite toppings? I love chili and all kinds of chili. I love a good beef and bean chili (using either ground beef or turkey). I also like a white chicken chili, or a veggie name it, I'll try it. BUT I don't like spicy hot chili. It can have a little kick, but not if it has me running for something to cool off my mouth. I love to top mine with some shredded cheese, sour cream and maybe some diced avocado.

5. Would you describe yourself as a night owl? I can be if I need to be, and I used to be moreso, but now I'm definitely an early bird. What time of night qualifies? Willingly staying up past 11 doesn't happen...usually 10 is my limit and I have to be playing games, something like that. What are you doing while everyone else is asleep? My family are more night owls than me. Do you then 'sleep in'? I get up at 5:00 on weekdays so I'm usually in bed by 8:30 hopefully asleep by 9:00. Define 'sleeping in'. Sleeping in to me is 7:00 or 7:30 on weekends, no matter how late I stayed up. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. I've been helping at my son in laws family's pumpkin patch on weekends. Last weekend we got hit with heavy rain, but stayed open on Saturday. Sunday's forecast was supposed to be a severe wind storm (though you never can tell), but they made the decision to not open on Sunday. It was a good choice as the wind storm did hit, fast and hard, and earlier than expected. It took down a tree and a trampoline flew across the yard, and into an area where people would normally be. It would have been. hard to get people out of the fields, corn maze, etc and to safety quickly. Weather looks promising for the last weekend so I'm sure we'll be busy. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Your answer in #6 made me think that you must live in my neck of the woods and I see you do! We love Washington, love the rain, everything's so green. Good move to close up the pumpkin patch, it was really windy.

    1. Hi Pam, yes, I was thinking the same thing about our locations.


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