Taking in Life Around Me.....#SundayStills....Theme: The Pink Side of October

This #sundaystills challenge is hosted by Terrie from Second Wind LeisureI've also been loving visiting the blogs of the other participants and being inspired by their interpretations of the theme.

This weeks theme, though another color, is centered around acknowledging the fight against breast cancer. Do you know women who have fought this battle and won, or tragically lost it? I know two women who have fought it and are on the winning side. One being my mother in law, and the other my hubby's bosses wife, who has become a friend. Both amazing women. They each chose different routes in treatments. I've also read stories of women of all ages winning and losing their battles. It breaks my heart. As a mom of two daughters I pray we never experience it in our own bodies. We try to be intentional and pro-active in "flipping the switch" to disease (we know nothings guaranteed, but we want to give our bodies the best chance they can) by eating healthy, taking supplements, exercising, and for breast health we actually use castor oil mixed with vitamin A to rub on breasts to help with fibrocystic breasts. I've also given up wearing underwire bras. 

Terri asked us to find pictures of pink. I'll admit it's not one of my favorite colors, kind of like purple. I've just never cared for them much, but I did find some. So I hope you enjoy. 

My aunt and her husband own a vineyard on Kelly's Island, Ohio. They grow, harvest and bottle their wine. The light pink bottle is named The Four Sisters Red, after, you guessed it, the 4 sisters in the family, one of them being my mom who passed away in 2005 after battling cancer for 5 years. 
My amazing mother in law and youngest daughter. She is the most amazing lady and I am so blessed to have her in my life. 
These flamingos at the Forth Worth Zoo were so cool. There were several different varieties (I didn't know there were several varieties).
These spoonbills, also at the Fort Worth Zoo, were gorgeous! I loved their color! 
Of course, pink houses on Burano, Italy. So pretty. I just love all the colors. 
Pink chair in Hood River Oregon just inviting someone to come sit, rest, and enjoy the views. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. I suppose we all can say we've lost someone dear to us to breast cancer, Kirstin. Thankfully there is hope and the positive message you share along with your beautiful pink images helps us all to be motivated toward good health. Love that last shot of the pink chair and pink flowers--Mt Hood, right? I also thought of you today as my hubby is driving to Bend to drop off the cargo trailer we borrowed from our nephew in Sun River. I know this one of your favorite places. Cheers to you, my fellow Washingtonian and have a wonderful week!

    1. Totally agree with you Terri! There is hope. Yep that's Mt. Hood. Taken at a farm in Hood River

  2. Nice pictures. Love the variety you found. I'm like you I have never been a fan of pink NOR of cancer. I've also lost too many people in my life.


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