10 on the 10th.....All about Dressing Up

It's time for another 10 on the 10th hosted by Leslie from Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After. This month we're sharing our thoughts and memories of dressing up.

  1. When do you most often dress up? I guess it would depend on the definition of dress up. But honestly, the answer is rarely. My job doesn't require me to dress up. I usually wear jeans and a casual shirt. I spend my days sending packages for people so I have to be comfortable and "nice" clothes (I'd probably ruin them). So I suppose if it was a weekend and we were going to run errands, shop or go out to eat. 
  2. What does a dress up outfit look like? I am all about comfort, so maybe a comfy dress, or leggings with a cute tunic top and flats or boots. What makes you feel fancy and dressed up? If I was going to a holiday party, then a pretty dress that was also comfy. 
  3. Share a time when you felt especially dressed up and pretty. My daughters wedding, though I wasn't happy with my weight at the time, but I Loved my dress. However, I found a dress at Ross to wear to a friends daughters wedding, and I LOVED it. I felt pretty in it (even if I wasn't happy with my weight). I still have it and think I could still wear it because it's one of those that will fit even if you lose a bit of weight. We'll see, I haven't had a reason to wear it in awhile. 
  4. What does getting dressed for the day mean to you?Like I said above, usually donning comfortable jeans and a casual shirt, with tennis shoes. Maybe boots in winter or if it gets too wet, but I need to find a really comfortable pair. I'm all about comfort. 
  5. Do you wear make up every day? I wear light makeup. I like mascara but don't wear it often. If I'm not working I don't wear it. Thankfully I can get away with no makeup. If so, which cosmetics do you wear? I go for non-toxic makeup. Usually a mineral makeup. I like Arbonne, Young Living, or Everyday Minerals.  Do you do anything different for special or dress up occasions? For special occasions I might wear a little more makeup, or also add mascara. 
  6. What is your skin care regimen? I keep things pretty simple and again, I go for non toxic. Right now I'm mostly using Arbonne products and I love them. What issues do you address with your routine and choice of products? I have pretty good skin so I feel blessed. I mostly address aging skin, and it's important that products be non toxic. 
  7. Do you wear heels? No, I've never liked heels, it could be because I'm 5'6 and not small boned, and always feel too tall when I wear them. A slip? No, I wear like shorts..I don't even know what they're called. I hate my legs rubbing together.  Foundation garments like Spanx or, heaven forbid, a girdle? No! If you haven't gotten the clue by now, I NEED to be COMFORTABLE, and those don't equate comfort. I did wear something when my daughter got married, and honestly I hated it. I couldn't wait to get it off. Lol. 
  8. For dress up occasions, do you prefer costume jewelry or better jewelry? I like to keep it simple. I don't care if it's costume. I'm not out to impress. What is your go-to piece of jewelry?  I enjoy wearing earrings but don't really wear them at work. I always wear rings and I have a few necklaces I like. Describe any vintage or heirloom pieces you have. Hmm...I don't know that I have any vintage or heirloom pieces. I do have a few rings that were my grandmas but I don't wear them because she was really petite and they don't fit on my fingers. 
  9. Do you have pierced ears? I do have pierced ears. If so, what age were your ears pierced? I don't remember when I got them initially pierced. But right before college I got them pierced a few more times. I had 3 in one ear and two in the other. I have no idea why I did them uneven. The extras have since closed up, though I've thought of having them re-pierced again.
  10. Did you dress up for Halloween as a child? I probably dressed up, but I don't remember. As an adult?  Not as an adult. Describe a favorite costume you or your children wore for Halloween. Well, we were always in the camp that as "christians" we shouldn't celebrate Halloween, though we did attend harvest parties at the church and our girls usually were cowgirls or something simple. Money wasn't in abundance and I didn't really want to spend much on something that would be worn once. I've since decided, it is what you make it to be, so I wouldn't have a problem with costumes or trick or treating now. Will you be giving out candy this year? When we lived in a neighborhood I often handed out candy, but now we're on a private road and never get kids coming. 
Dress I wore to a friends daughters wedding. I love this dress. I should try it on and see if it fits better.
I'm on left. Dress I wore to my daughters wedding. I loved it though but wasn't 100% comfy because I was wearing a few undergarments to make if "look" better. 
Ultimately I'm all about comfort. I love jeans but even those cannot be confining or restricting my waist. I have a favorite dress that I love to wear when I travel but oddly I don't have a photo of myself in it. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Those last two photos-- jeans, comfy tees, and flip flops is what I tend to wear most days too! I am all about comfort as well.

  2. I am all about comfort too and when I dress up in the winter, I wear leggings with my dresses!

    1. Haha..love leggings! Comfort is where it's at. as I sit home in leggings and a long sweatshirt.


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