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It's another week of Weekend Coffee Share. I always love everyone's posts. Are you like me and try to visit everyone? It doesn't always happen but I try. 

If we were having coffee we'd probably talk about:

The Weather: We had some serious rain over the weekend (last weekend), even with some thunder and lightning. I love a good storm, then the temps rose again this week. Mornings have been chilly, warm days, then chilly nights. I love fall. The leaves aren't changing colors but have been starting to fall off trees. 

What we're thinking about: I started following Leslie at Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After last year and joined in on her Bucket List Challenges, though I'll admit I haven't always done well checking things off. It's time for her fall challenge and I'm still working on my list and thinking what to add to it. After we watched the movie The Bucket List, for some reason I hated the idea of one, I didn't realize that the point of one is to create them to do before you kick the bucket. Maybe because I don't always like thinking of death..I know I need a new perspective. In Leslies recent post she shared that she creates seasonal lists as a way to Live life fully right now in the moment. I loved that. Yes, I think it's a great idea to have a larger list, things that are bigger that we'd love to do before we die, but the idea of smaller, more tangible lists in the now is a really great idea. I'm trying to be more intentional this time around, perhaps not adding too much to the list. 

If you were making a fall bucket list (or intentionality list as I like to call it) what would be on it?

What we're thankful for: All of the bloggers that I have found during these link ups. I have learned so much from so many, discovered information about new places. I know I want to visit Toronto, Australia and New Zealand. I'm thankful for having a creative outlet in blogging. 

What we're reading: I just finished the book "The Wife Between Us" from my Shelfrighteous Book Box. I thought it was really good. Twists and turns and I didn't see the end coming. I'm done with my other book club book and then will probably get started on finishing some books on my kindle. I have way too many and should really probably delete some. I mostly grab free ones. I'm loving when everyone is posting their "what's on your bookshelf" posts. So many great sounding books.

Around the House: Our granite counters were laid, and the cabinet guy has started installing the door fronts and drawers. Wood floors are being installed today. I cannot wait to get my current kitchen back up and running. We've been picking out backsplash for the new kitchen and the current kitchen, which we never had installed. Let me explain something...the current kitchen was originally designed to eventually be a laundry/craft type room. This whole house had an original different plan until it took us awhile, they changed codes and we had to make some changes and decisions. You can search home building on the blog to read about the journey. However, because of changes made it will probably just stay mostly kitchen though I may store craft supplies in a few of the cupboards as I shift things over to the new kitchen. 
Pictures are out of order, so this one is when the doors were put on. We still have some that need to go on and get hardware. Will be be in by the end of the year? I think so. Might not be 100% done, but I think we can be in there. 
Bathroom counters. 
Counter tops installed and I loved them! Now we're trying to pick out the backsplash for the kitchen.
Floors done in the old part of the house...we just need to put trim up and everything back in the kitchen. 
You can now see into the other part of the house where they are putting in wood. 

From the Kitchen: The house is still in a state of disarray and the stove is back on the porch as they are laying our wood floors this week/weekend. They started today and then needed to pull off early so they didn't get very far. I was hoping to have a good picture to share. So, I haven't done much cooking. I have a few recipes I'm wanting to try, and I'm feeling like making something with pumpkin...maybe scones, or bread or cookies. 

What are your favorite fall foods?

What we're learning, understanding, realizing: I got nothing this week....lol...so maybe I'm understanding that it's okay to not have anything! 

Favorite quote of the week: 

I just loved this quote and maybe because I don't see myself as an "intense" person in the normal sense of the word , this held more meaning or food for thought. 

What we've listened to or watched: I added "or watched" because I haven't seemed to have gotten around to listening to much...well, or watching much. However I'm on the hunt for a documentary and maybe. you can help me. It seems years ago (around 1913) it was legal to mail children with stamps attached to their clothing. It was cheaper than a train ticket. We have a photo and brief description under our glass counter where I work (a postal place) and many people have commented. One lady came in and said she watched a documentary on it but couldn't remember what it was called or where she watched it...she said it was either amazon or maybe PBS. I think it would be fascinating.

What documentaries or other things of interest have you watched lately? 

I will say I also subscribed to Discovery Plus because I wanted access to Magnolia Network and I'm loving all the shows. 

My hubby and I just finished watching Master Chef. Love that show. Master Chef Jr. is amazing too...I mean those kids can cook better than I can, though they haven't had a recent season yet. 

Favorite photo of the week: 

Indiana's other grandparents gave him some money to go buy a dinosaur because he has successfully potty trained....he picked this one out. It's huge...He was so excited. 

Randomness: Not much random.....well probably a lot random, but not time to write, I just need to get this posted. Lol. Busy weekend putting current kitchen back together. My grandson is coming to stay with us for 3 days and I'm fighting a bit of a cold. Boo! 

Check out all the other posts on 
Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I'm off to go visit some now. #weekendcoffeeshare

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. I'm glad you want to visit Toronto :) Your house project is coming together nicely. Your grandson is so adorable with his toy dinosaur. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

    1. Thanks Natalie. Hopefully someday I'll get there.

  2. Hi Kirstin - I watched a youtube video on people mailing their children a while back too - you can find a few of them by doing a youtube search. Nice to see you've met Leslie from Once Upon a Time - I did a guest post for her last week. I don't do bucket list challenges because I always feel that they put pressure on me to create one and then have to fulfill it. Glad you've met so many other bloggers - including us in Australia - I love how international blogging friendships are.

    1. Yah, I need to make mine a little more doable, or just decide whether they're for me or not. Lol.

  3. Hi Kirstin,
    I have to say, I love how your new kitchen is looking.
    Where's the envy emoji . . . ?

    1. Thanks Gary. I can't wait to get in this part. Hope to enjoy this space with lots of people.

  4. Love the pictures as your home progresses, I do try to get round everyone and finally sussed out my blogger profile! thanks for coffee.

    1. Thank you Alex. It's been quite the journey!

  5. We just watched Chernobyl on HBO+ that is actually a miniseries but it was done so well and with so much research that it felt more like a documentary. Your kitchen looks beautiful!

    1. Oh interesting. I'll have to look it up. And thank you! I'm excited to cook in it.

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