Taking in Life Around Me.....#SundayStills...Theme: Signs of Fall

This challenge is hosted by Terrie from Second Wind LeisureI've also been loving visiting the blogs of the other participants and being inspired by their interpretations of the theme.

This weeks theme is signs of fall. Here in the PNW we have some beautiful fall seasons...maybe not as pretty as the upper east coast states, but still pretty. We don't really see too much "fall" until October...at least in the SW Washington area. My favorite thing to do when the weather starts changing is taking weekly pictures of the hill that leads up to our road. The transformation is so pretty. It's not quite doing anything yet. but I'll share a  photo.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons (I really love something about each one). I love the changing colors, working the pumpkin patch that my son in laws family owns, the crisp air. I'm not a fan of short days and rain., though right now we need rain. 

These were ones I took quickly today. I'm a bit under the weather with a cold so not quite in the mood to go out and about or dig too deep for photos I know I have. 

One sign of fall here in our area are Box Elder Beetles. They will literally cover any surface that is facing the sun. They are disgusting. We normally have our house sprayed with an eco friendly product. But we haven't done it yet this year. I noticed these today. 
The leaves aren't turning colors yet but they are starting to fall and then dying on the ground. I love the crunch of leaves. 
My Forsythia and blueberries are starting to turn red. 
Costco started selling Mums...such a great deal. I bought 3. 
This is what our hill looks like later in the fall. It's my favorite. 
The fog on the lake in the mornings before work..fall vibes. 

When my girls played HS soccer, you knew it was fall since that's when our girls teams play. Of course my girls played year round club soccer, but HS was always September-October/November. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. I can see Autumn is definitely in the air with your beautiful images, Kirstin! I remember soccer season (spring for us) but when volleyball season was here, Fall was right behind! I wonder if those box elder beetles are what we have--not that many but they are spiky and creepy looking! Love the shot of the Autumn road and the misty morning--we had one of those Friday but I was driving and couldn't stop. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos for Sunday Stills and happy Autumn!

    1. We get the box elders and the stink bugs...they come out spring and fall.

  2. I love crunching on leaves too Kirstin, those beetles sound interesting!!

  3. Fall here will be over before yours even starts! It's beautiful here right now but the wind and the cold will come. But I love all four seasons as you said. Winter does allow for more creative time and some R and R. Hope you feel better soon. Love the fog morning picture. Bernie


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