Autumn Intentionality List

Dare I try an autumn bucket list? Or as I like to call it, an intentionality list. I didn't do very well with my spring and summer lists, so when Leslie, over at Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After sent an email out for fall, I just wasn't sure. Yet, here I am, so we'll see how it goes.

Leslie shared this link as to 6 Reasons Why You Should Create a Bucket List. It's really good. Check out Leslies new post..she chooses to do these seasonal lists not because of looming "death" but to live a fuller life right now. I love that. It's easy to get stuck in routine, to not challenge ourselves to do something different, or learn new things, and maybe that's why my lists haven't been successful. Maybe they've been too long and maybe I just haven't been intentional enough to say "hey, this week I'm going to accomplish this on my list". 

Not sure how much will happen in October as we have a vacation planned and then I work at the pumpkin patch on weekends. 

Good for the Body:

⃞ Back to exercise: Got off track the last month with a messed up back and then a sinus cold. 

⃞ Stretching: I know part of my back issues are tight muscles and I need to get back to stretching. 

⃞ Schedule a massage: I have a gift card I need to use.

Good for the Soul/Spirit:

⃞ Listen to Podcasts: Be intentional with setting time aside for this. I have some mornings that I go into work late, hoping this could be the time for that. 

⃞ Read a non-fiction book that encourages growth: At least one book. I'll be takes me FOREVER to read a book so I'm not going to overshoot here. I have a few on my shelf that I haven't started, so I'll start with one of those. 

⃞ Create a blog series to share: I've been doing great getting back into blogging by joining link ups etc. But I also want to create some "series" around certain themes. So maybe during fall I'll brainstorm the topics and get started in the winter. 

Good for the Heart:

⃞ Schedule time with friends, maybe for coffee or lunch: Again, I'll be realistic...I work four days a week and babysit one day, so this may only happen once, but once is better than zero.

⃞ Take an afternoon to go hit some vintage/antique/thrift/boutique type stores: Even if I never buy anything, I love browsing. 

⃞ Go to the new Hobby Lobby in town at the Mall: I haven't been there since they opened and I would love to go check it out. I've been to Hobby Lobby before but not this new one. 

⃞ Date night with hubby: It's been awhile since we've been on one. 

Good for the Mind:

⃞ Start back on my Duolingo: I slacked on this a lot!! 

 Play games/do puzzles: Weekends are really the only time for this so I will have to be intentional with it. 

Just Good:

⃞ Cook with seasonal items: I've done this a little but want to do this more.

⃞ At least 2-3 new recipes a month: Trying to find new recipes to try.

⃞ Crafts/baking with my grandson: He's at a fun age so I'd love to find some fun things to do with him. 

⃞ Go on a mural walk with my youngest daughter: There are several murals in our nearby city of Vancouver (Washington that is), and they are within walking distance, so this would be fun to do with her and then have lunch or coffee. 

⃞ Work on the embroidery piece I bought last year and didn't start: It will be fun for winter decor I think, I just need to start it. I'd like to find a few smaller Christmas ones too. 

Okay, I'm leaving it at this for now. We'll see if I decide to add to it or not. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. So many wonderful activities on your list. If you decide on a series, let me know, I would love to join you. Do you scrapbook? I have always wondered about doing some kind of crafting series. To inspire me to craft more. Or Bible journaling. I have a cross stitch sitting right beside me as I type that I need to get busy on. Maybe we can encourage each other with our needle work?

    I have slacked on Duolingo, too. Got off track when we were out of town and never got back to it. Now I have probably forgotten everything I had learned. We can cheer each other on in that department, too!!

    I have been listening to books more than reading them. Try to call Mom and talk to her then listen to my book while out walking. Also listen in the car. And I do the same with podcasts but I am not very good at listening to them. Kind of hit or miss. Maybe you could do a podcast series? Let us know which ones you are listening to.

    Thanks for all the kind mentions. You are a sweetie to join me in this. I look forward to reading about your progress on 10.21!

    1. Thank you Leslie! I will keep you posted if I do something.

  2. Hello Kirstin! I also loved Leslie's post on reasons to create bucket lists. They help me be intentional about doing things that are important and/or joyful to me. I've started listening to some podcasts recently. I'm loving The Moth and Buddhist Boot Camp. I recently listened to a limited series that was disturbing yet fascinating, Dr. Death. I've also been cooking more--trying new healthy, yet delicious, recipes. I've truly enjoyed it. The mural walk sounds lovely. I hope you will take some photos for us. Good luck with your list. Whatever you do, enjoy fall!

    1. Thanks for visiting Christie! I love trying new recipes, I just haven't been that great at it lately. Doesn't help that my kitchen was torn


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