Taking in Life Around Me......#Sundaystills...Theme: Under the Trees

This challenge is hosted by Terrie from Second Wind LeisureHere is where to find her current post. I've also been loving visiting the blogs of the other participants and being inspired by their interpretations of the theme.

This weeks theme is "Under the Trees". There is just something beautiful about trees, though they can create quite a bit of destruction when they fall. When we moved to our home we cut several alders down that didn't look sturdy. We didn't want them to fall on our house. I love all kinds of trees. My dream was always to have a driveway lined with trees. I don't have one, but I still love them. There's just something about trees...they bring peace, joy, calm. When we traveled to New York City, the one thing we missed so much was trees. We couldn't wait to get home to our trees. 

"Advice from a Tree
Stand tall and proud, sink your roots into the earth, be content with your natural beauty, go out on a limb, drink plenty of water, remember your roots, enjoy the view"

I love that! So much goodness in that quote. So much truth. Now for my photos for this weeks challenge. 

If you ever visit the Columbia River Gorge, Beacon Rock is a great hike. I had never done it before because all the photos I saw looked too scary. I don't like hikes and this path is literally in the side of the mountain for the most part.....it was a bit nerve wracking in spots but it was worth it and I would do it again. It's always gorgeous looking down on the trees and over the river and gorge. Stunning. 
Beneath the branches of this tree in my aunts vineyard is a wind  chime that belonged to my mom and after she passed, my dad gave it to my aunt. I got to visit there last June. I loved hearing these sing in the wind. The tree has a crooked junk, which led them to name their Vineyard "Crooked Tree Vineyard". It's located on Kelley's Island, on Lake Erie off the shores of Northern Ohio. 
Around Rockaway Beach Oregon is the Cedar Wetlands Preserve...great trail and boardwalk, and this tree is massive. There are literally trees and plants growing out of it. It is beautiful. 
On a visit to Florida, I loved the moss hanging off the trees, walking beneath their shade along the boardwalk on a hot day. 
On my visit to Ohio last year and Kelley's Island, I found a little trail that went along some water. It was so peaceful. The plants, birds, and other wildlife that live in and amongst the trees was fun to enjoy. 
How tall and magnificent they stand! 
This sculpture in Texas was so cool. Made from sticks and saplings by Patrick Dougherty who is an environmental artist. It was so fun to walk in and around these "trees of sorts". Eventually they give in to nature and break down and compost. 
My pictures didn't load in order, but oh well. These trees were growing through the middle of some old ruins on Kelley's Island. It reminded me of a scene from Ever After. 
Cows grazing under the trees on the farm at sunrise. 

Forgot a pic. This little guy was hanging out under a stand of trees in our backyard. So cute. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Such fabulous tree images, Kirstin! That hike looks doable because of the stairs, LOL! I LOVE your tree quote--Advice From a Tree!! The crooked tree vinyard is must be an amazing memory for you and having the special windchime "singing" as a reminder is so special! All of your images are gorgeous and the tree sculpture is so unique! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you Terri., It's a great hike, and doable, but man, I felt a little woozy at least once or twice..lol.

  2. What a great response to this week's theme Kirstin! I especially love the sculpture in Texas, very clever indeed. That advice from a tree quote always reads well and is perfect for your post.

    1. I don't think I'd ever heard that quote before. I love it.


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