#WQWWC......Wednesday June 30th.....Theme: Freedom

It's another week of  Writer's Quotes Wednesday, hosted by Marsha from Always Write. If you're interested in joining, you can find more about #WQWWC here. 

This weeks theme is freedom. The idea of freedom has become pretty controversial. I will not get into that because I know people get pretty fired up about their opinions, and it usually doesn't get anywhere. 

Freedom is defined as: 

the right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

 Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic (tyrannical) government. 

Unrestricted use of something. 

The power to do what you want. 

The state of not being a slave, prisoner, etc.

And there are many other definitions. Freedom comes in many forms, from something so simple as the freedom to choose what I wear each day to more complex issues that become debatable, for example, some states make it illegal to homeschool your children, etc. 

I'm thankful that I live in America (at least most of the time...lol). I'm thankful for those who have given so much of their lives to give us the freedoms we have known. 

As we approach this coming weekend, I hope that whatever you do, you feel free, you feel hope,  you feel seen and heard. 

We will be visiting friends for the afternoon. I'm not sure about fireworks because we are VERY dry here in Washington and Oregon right now. 

Here are some quotes I found to be good and thought provoking: 

"Freedom in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it" Albert Einstein
There is truth to that....while yes, the word involves the word "free", but it often isn't completely free...sometimes we have to work for it, fight for it, even have a struggle for it. 

That was beautiful to me. WOW. The oxygen of the soul. But it's so true, right? Just think of it. 
"Freedom is being you without anyones permission" Anonymous

YES! I love that. Sometimes though, we are held captive by other peoples opinions of us. We aren't being true to ourselves. 

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes". Mahatma Gandhi
One of the hardest things as parents is to be okay with your kids making mistakes. One of the hardest things as adults is allowing ourselves to make mistakes without beating ourselves up over them. 

The above one is beautiful as well. 
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves" Abraham Lincoln

It saddens me that we cannot seem to have our differences of thoughts, opinions, beliefs, etc..and somehow work together to find common ways to work through problems, or issues, to come to agreement on some things. It doesn't seem to matter...your idea might actually sound great, but because you are this or that, I won't even entertain the idea. How sad is that. I'm sure the above quote is debatable, but I think it's true. I think that unless we can find ways to work together, we will destroy ourselves through hatred, separation and who knows what else. 

Have a beautiful week friends. Enjoy friends and family. Here's a couple videos of a few songs I love. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Hi Kristin, Another fabulous post, so many things to like. I love what you say about freedom, "I think that unless we can find ways to work together, we will destroy ourselves through hatred, separation and who knows what else." I agree with you 100%. Some (many) people are so polarized. Who's the darling little boy? The picture of the fireworks is amazing, too with the world lit up under them. I've never heard the last song. It's inspirational. Have a great week Kirstin. :)

    1. He is my grandson! He turns 3 next week. So crazy! I just heard that song for the first time the other day.

  2. I'm copying this quote on my journal: Freedom is being you without anyones permission. It's inspiring!


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