#WQWWC....June 9 Theme: Summer

It's another week of  Writer's Quotes Wednesday, hosted by Marsha from Always Write. If you're interested in joining, you can find more about #WQWWC here. 

This weeks theme is summer! I love all the seasons, I'm not quite sure I have a favorite, because I have something "favorite" about each one. Summer is all the green, the beautiful flowers blooming, leaves on the trees, frogs at night, longer days. It's a fire in the fire pit, hopefully some hikes. It's reading or working on the porch. 

Summer doesn't change much for me from any other season...I work the same amount of hours and days, still need to make dinner, clean house, etc. My girls are grown so there's no "end of the school year". I feel like I need to be more intentional with making this season the more laid back and relaxed season that it's supposed to be. 

Some of my favorite quotes I found this week: 

"One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter". Henry David Thoreau

My favorite weather is bird-chriping weather." Terri Guillemets

How true each of these quotes is. I love pondering the quotes I find and that others find, thinking of how they apply to my life or can challenge me. 

I love living in a region that celebrates all 4 season even if they are mild. There's an anticipation of what's to come. 

Haiku by me:

We welcome summer
With its warm and breezy days
And cool morning dawns

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Kirstin, what a lovely Haiku. Those are the primary things I adore. the breezes and the cool mornings on my patio with a cup of coffee and visiting with my husband. I wonder what Thoreau meant by maintaining a bit of summer even in the winter. We can do that inside by turning up the heat, growing indoor flowers or having fake flowers, maybe. Activity-wise, we could still go for walks outside, but they wouldn't feel the same. We could go to Hawaii. How else could we maintain summer in the winter? He's stumped me. Love your post. Kirsten.

    1. II've always said I couldn't live in Alaska. Someone once told me that the outside of many houses are very plain, but inside they've created this oasis so that they can endure the dark days/nights. I think we can also think of "seasons" in way of our attitudes, perspective, etc. I definitely think when the dreary days of winter get to us, bringing in a bit of "summer" is helpful.


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