Taking in Life Around Me.....#Sundaystills.....Theme: Sunrise/sunset

This weeks theme for #SundayStills is "sunrise/sunset".  This challenge is hosted by Terrie from Second Wind LeisureHere is where to find her current post. I've also been loving visiting the blogs of the other participants and being inspired by their interpretations of the theme.

"Every sunrise brings more promise, every sunset holds more peace"

Don't ask me which is my favorite. I wouldn't be able to choose. There's something about each of them that just gives you pause, that causes you to stop and say "Thank you God, I needed to see that, experience that, feel that". 

The downside of a challenge like this in the summer, is that sunset is so late...haha. Because we're usually up early to workout I try to go to sleep by 8:30. So I didn't get any current photos, plus the sunrise isn't visible from my house so I'd have to hop in my car and hope I timed it right to go find it and usually if it's a weekday it's not really possible, since we workout, then get ready to go to work.

One of the things about where we live is that we are so close to the ocean, the mountains, the cities. It's perfect. This ocean sunset was taken a couple years ago. 
June 2020 I flew to Ohio to visit my aunts and cousins on Kelley's Island on Lake Erie. I believe that is the Marblehead lighthouse across the lake, where two of my aunts recently moved to from Florida. 
We are close enough to the ocean to stay a weekend or just go for a day. It's always worth it. 
Our town has a lake called Horseshoe Lake, because, yes, it is shaped like a horseshoe. 
Outside my front window last fall. I looked up and was like "WOW". It didn't last long but it was stunning.
Sunset after a long day at the pumpkin patch last fall. The farm is a beautiful place to be. 
More ocean sunsets. 
Sunset and a soccer game...two of my favorite things. 
Morning view of Horseshoe Lake before work. 

The above two photos I took Friday night...the sun wasn't quite ready to retire, but it was still pretty. We have an area along the rivers that is called The Bottoms...it's primarily farm land. 

Gorgeous sunset from Hood River. 

This one was taken along the river one morning on my drive home from picking up a little guy we babysat. It was so stunning I had to stop and grab a photo. 

One last view from the farm. 

Sometimes I wish I lived in the city where there are so many more things to act as subjects for photos, but I do love small town life and the scenery.

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. What a beautiful set of sunrises and sunsets, Kirstin! They are all quite glorious! Happy first day of summer and I hope you get out and enjoy today!

    1. Thank you Terri and thanks as always for visiting. Happy first day of summer to you too...it's definitely a gorgeous one

  2. Kirstin, I love the range of colours in these photos they are all superb! Enjoy your summer :)


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