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This weeks theme for #SundayStills is "emerging".  I'm so glad I found this challenge by Terrie from Second Wind Leisure. This week Marsha is hosting again. Go find her at Always WriteI've also been loving visiting the blogs of the other participants and being inspired by their interpretations of the theme. 

I love this theme because I just love spring, as blossoms start appearing, green shoots are coming up from the ground, the promise of what's to come. I was also thinking, "I bet people will interpret this one differently, and I think so literal...lol". 
My forsythia ready to break into bloom.

I spotted this birds nest on a walk...I was anticipating cute little eggs and baby birds. 
I spotted these on my walk too. Aren't they so pretty? I'm not sure what they are. 
Flowers in my front yard...
Every year I love seeing the pussy willow blooming on the hill we walk on...I always pause to check them out. 

Cute little turtle "emerging" out of the water at the Fort Worth Botanic gardens. 

Spring blossoms on trees are my favorites. If I could, I'd line a driveway or property with them. I see beauty, my husband sees a mess. Haha.
This is a favorite spot in my yard...not very organized, but I love the spring flowers that come up. It's a work in progress.
How cute are these baby geese!!!! Spotted them chilling on the path at the nature reserve. 

More spring blossoms.....love them so much. 

Hope you enjoyed my take on the theme of "emerging". I hope that through these challenges, my interpretations grow and are more "outside the box". I love learning from others as well. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Kirsten, these are so adorable. There's another challenge you ought to link the ducklings to, actually two challenges. Bird Weekly and Thursday Trios. https://oureyesopen.blog/2021/03/26/bird-weekly-photo-challenge-reflections-of-birds/ and https://mamacormier.com/2021/04/08/thursday-trios-14-then-and-now/

  2. These are fabulous photos and if I had participated I would have been thinking emerging blooms and blossoms too.

    1. THanks Joanne, and thank you again for visiting. I appreciate it. I do tend to think quite literally...lol.

  3. Hi, Kirstin - You've done an awesome job capturing Spring's emegence. I especially like the turles. :D
    Are the yellow flowers some form of daffodil?

    1. yes, they are just a miniature version and so pretty. The turtles were so fun to watch.

  4. How magical is nature and I loved seeing the emerging flowers and blossoms. We are going the other way here in Australia but I enjoy watching the leaves turn all the colours on the deciduous trees. Denyse #sundaystills

    1. yes nature is magical and each season so gorgeous with it's own version of emerging. I love fall, and the changing colors.


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