Taking in Life Around Me.....Sunday Stills....Clouds and Fog

This weeks theme for #SundayStills is Clouds and fog.  I'm so glad I found this challenge by Terrie from Second Wind Leisure. Find her current post here

I was hoping to catch some fog on the river but I never seemed to drive by at the right time. I'll keep trying because it's always so pretty, especially if you can catch a fishing boat on the water too. It's so easy to take for granted where you live wouldn't you agree? Whether it's the city or the country....I feel blessed to live in a part of Washington State that allows me to be at the ocean, in the mountains or even the "dessert" in a matter of a few hours. To me, it's perfect..I'll even tolerate the rain for what we get to enjoy because of it.

I love the sky...it's ever changing, often from one minute to the next.I love sunrises and sunsets. I love crazy storm clouds, dreamy wispy clouds, and clear blue skies. I love foggy mornings. 

I love these puffy clouds on a January morning! 
This is our local lake, Horseshoe Lake....shaped like a horseshoe. There was fog on the lake but you can barely see it. But the fog on the hill and the clouds by the sunrise were so pretty. 
Another angle of the lake. In the summer, and even nicer fall/winter days people kayak, paddle board and enjoy the water.
In June I visited my aunt and uncles vineyard and wine tasting room on Kelly's Island Ohio along with my other aunts and cousins.Find my post and more photos here.

In our town we have what is called the Woodland Bottoms, mostly farmland in the past and still some farms, but not as much anymore. My son in laws family owns one of the dairy farms, however they had to sell a few years ago...now, one uncle raises beef, and my son in laws parents have run a popular pumpkin patch.The bottoms are so pretty. They run along the Lewis River, and the Columbia River which meet together. 
Check out that awesome cloud right by the mountain. It's always hit or miss if you're going to see the mountain when you head there...it's about an hour drive from our house. This trip was worth it!  I shared a picture of my daughter jumping in last weeks post. 
Another view of our lake. I probably took this one morning on my way to work. I stopped, got my coffee, drove by on my way to pick up mail and had to stop and take a picture.
On Sundays, my hubby and I walk the hill up behind our house...It's a killer walk, but the views are always so pretty.
It's about a 2.4 mile walk from our house to the point that we stop and turn around. The views are pretty (though foggy on this day) but it's all uphill so takes me about 50 minutes. Working on cutting that time down.
This is at the top. The property where these trees sit recently sold but before that it was a viewpoint that had a viewfinder to see the valley and surrounding mountains. You can see Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood and I think either Mt. Jefferson or Mt. Adams. I can't remember
This was out our back door the other morning. It was so pretty! 
From our Airbnb overlooking Lake Como on our trip to Italy in 2019. We had an awesome storm our first night there. The loudest thunder and lightning!
Our trip to Como had us dodging rain and fog most of the two days we were there, but we made the most of it. 
Another foggy morning overlooking the farm!
This was out my daughters back yard facing more farmland. Love the clouds in this one. 

I mentioned in another post that I help at my Son in laws family's pumpkin patch each year. This was a foggy morning! 

Hope you enjoyed my fog and clouds. I can't wait to see what everyone else posted. 

I'm excited to keep being motivated to go out and take new pictures. There are times I wish I didn't have to work outside the home. I'd love to wander more and take more photos. I just have to be more intentional. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Kirsrin, your images of clouds and fog are spectacular! You live in such a lovely area, and to be able to see all the mountain peaks, I so love that. I see you captured that lenticular cloud over the peak!

    1. Thanks. I really do love where we live. I would love some snow this year, but not sure it'll happen

  2. Such stunning photos Kirstin! I love where you live and whilst I'm near the ocean you are near beautiful lakes and Moutains. Just gorgeous. #sundaystills

    1. Thank you. We are definitely blessed with the area we live in. Though I would love to visit Australia. My daughter visited New Zealand in 2019 and loved it. They wanted to fly over to Australia but they would have needed a travel visa so just stayed in NZ.

  3. Wow, Kirstin, you have gorgeous photos. I love the lake shots, so picturesque!

  4. Oh, those are gorgeous! What fun adventures you have! :-)


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