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This weeks #Sundaystills theme from Second Wind Leisure is "Night". Find Terri's current post here.

I'm going to share photos that I have taken in the past because our weather has not been overly cooperative to going out and taking photos lately and honestly I've let my photo taking slack. 

Night photography has always been challenging because if you're using a "big girl" camera you need to get the settings right, have the right lens, an understanding of light and how things work, etc. I've done a lot of reading, tried to get it right, and I think I've gotten better. I recently got a new lens with some Christmas bonus money so I'm excited to try it out. For now enjoy my attempts from the past. 

Our home after a good snow. I can't remember what year, but at night, all the snow makes everything look so bright. 

My girls both played club and HS soccer...night games were always a struggle for me to photograph. I eventually started renting a lens when there were Thursday/weekend games. It was still a struggle, but it was good practice. My girl is the one on the left in White.

One of my favorite photos. Everything was just right, even the sliver of moon. Not perfect because it's not sharp, but I love it.

The sunset was always amazing from our home field. 

In 2017 I traveled with my youngest to NYC, and boy was that fun! I didn't bring a tripod or a lens made for night photography, but stone walls work great and we did get some great shots of the city skyline. 

We went in July so the Empire State Building was lit up. We were on top of the Rockefeller building. The views were amazing. 

2019 found us in Italy....Venice and Como...Oh the beauty of the city and the canals.

One of the streets in Venice.
Dusk overlooking the canal in Venice.

I love my porch at night with the lights on. In the summer we often sit out here to read or even to do work. 

I love nighttime at my desk.....my diffuser going, the overhead lights on....peace.

The other place I LOVE for sunrises and sunsets is the beach. We are blessed to live within a few hours of the Oregon and Washington beaches and they are stunning. 


My son in laws family lives on farmland, and the sunsets there are also so pretty. 

Night time is also my time to read. I try to head to bed at least 45 minutes before I want to turn out the lights so I can spend time reading. There are a few spots in our house that I would love to turn into a reading nook. I just need to think it through. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


  1. Kirstin, these are all quite wonderful, your lens and perseverance paid off. Those night soccer pics are difficult and your lighting looks amazing. I'm jealous of your Venice shots, because I want to visit some day but your images capture life so well there. And you added something you do at night, love it. Thanks for sharing again with Sunday Stills this week.

    1. Thank you. Our daughter had went to Switzerland for a month (friends there) and wanted to go to Italy but not alone so hubby and I decided we haven't done any big trips so we would fly over, spend a week in Italy and then a week in Switzerland with friends and sight seeing before heading home. I did several posts on that trip.

  2. What beautiful photos! I cannot pick a favorite although sitting at your desk is totally peaceful looking. There really is no place like home. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Carrie. There is no place like home, and we definitely felt it last year didn't we.

  3. These are fabulous examples of night shots and the soccer fields are just lovely!

    1. Thank you Deb. I loved shooting soccer games. The action was fun to capture


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