The Power of Conversation

Coffee shop conversations are my favorite...our table was towards the back daughter is wearing a hat, and yes her friend has blue

Last week I shared a post on The Power of an Invitation. That evolved into a post on The Power of the Table....which then led to the thought of doing a series of posts on "The Power Of...."There are many things in our everyday lives that we often take for granted and yet are so powerful if we stop and think about it. I hope you will join me and even share your own thoughts in the comments. 

Conversation......simply the art of exchanging thoughts, ideas, feelings, opinions, information, etc..with others through speech, sign language, or even written form (text, email, messages, this day and age).

We engage in various forms of conversation on a daily basis with a variety of people. Do you stop to think about those conversations? Are you intentional with them? Do you realize the power that every word can potentially have? Positive and negative. There is power in our words, there is power in our conversations. The power to bring life and transformation, and the power to bring down and discourage. 

Granted some of our conversations are just going to be so-so....not much substance to them....that's okay, BUT what about those conversations that we just know have potential to change someone's life, impact their day, leave them with a smile on their face and hope in their hearts. Maybe an interaction in the grocery store, or how about that tech support person on the other end of the line. Maybe someone who rides the bus with us, or someone we meet at the dog park or while on our walk. 

How about those conversations with our families and friends, in the car or around the table, while eating or playing games. Taking advantage of moments, big and small to reach deep into the hearts of those we love and those who are strangers have so much potential. If you ask me if I'd rather watch a movie or play a game, I'm going to always pick game because of the opportunity for conversation to take place. Even if it's ribbing, full of laughter and goofy. I love it. 

Conversation have the potential to feed our souls and our spirits. They come alive when good conversation enters into the equation. Yes, some conversations break our hearts and wound deeply when not thought through or done with honor and grace. Not every conversation is going to be comfortable and fuzzy feeling. Some are just plain hard, BUT I do believe that when they are done well, even the hardest conversation can have a transforming potential. And yes, I've been in conversations where it didn't end well, I've been the recipient of words that wounded deeply with no resolve because it wasn't really a conversation but a one way verbal outpouring that just left me stunned. Have I ever mentioned I don't do confrontation well, especially when it's unexpected. Anyways....conversation is powerful! 
When visiting NYC with my daughter and her friend....lots of great conversation!

My husband often says he likes when I'm around at social functions because I keep conversation going...I'm good at small talk, at asking people about their lives and being interested in what they have to say. 

"Every good conversation starts with good listening"

That is so true. Conversation doesn't happen if just one person is talking. When each person can listen and contribute, the conversation goes so much further. It's good to stop and think before we share a thought. 

Does your soul and mind crave authentic conversations? Sure small talk is fine, but when it starts to become more meaningful you can sense the shift within you. When a topic hits a certain note with you, you come alive. 

"A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books".....Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

Sometimes I'm involved in conversations that I just don't quite get. They're a bit over my head, but I just listen and try and take something away from them. Sometimes conversations go in a direction that maybe we don't agree with, more debatable. Guess what? That's okay (easy to say, hard for me to do)...the goal of conversation shouldn't necessarily be agreement but understanding, growth, etc. Even if the conversation is left open ended but with some food for thought, that's totally okay. 

A good conversation is priceless! Whether it's light hearted, or deep, whether it's filled with laughter or advice, there is nothing like it.

Take time to be aware of the various conversations you have this week wherever you are. Take note of the kind of conversations they were, did you notice anything different at the end? 

With Joy Unquenchable,


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