Put on love and Kindness: Beyond Kindness Tour

A few weeks ago I was reading this blog post by Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer. In it she was sharing a recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Muffins (which I need to make) and talking about The Beyond Kindness Tour and I felt myself drawn in. I had to check it out. Check out the link above to learn more and join in, whether you have a blog or not. 

I know what is going through your mind; "oh, I'm already kind, I'm always nice to people", but I believe kindness goes beyond just everyday nice-ities.  It goes past just being nice to those we like, who agree with us, etc. It goes beyond being polite, or having good manners. There's more to it. It goes deeper into our hearts, past the surface of what our parents hopefully taught us. It is intentional. It is seeing the needs of someone else, however small or great, whether emotional, spiritual, physical, and meeting them, or easing them at the least. It's setting aside agendas (the need to be known, for recognition, for an ulterior motive, for self satisfaction), or plans (I don't have time, I don't want to be inconvenienced), etc, simply for the sake of someone else's heart and life.

 Before I heard about this kindness tour, I had thought a variety of times about the motives we sometimes have when acting out kindness. You see, in my mind, kindness should not have an agenda (though I know we are probably all guilty of it at some point); meaning, I'm not kind in order to get you to like me, or to look good, or to get you to come to my church, get my vote, join my club, give me a raise, get your business, invite me to your house, etc. My kindness is focused solely on the receiver of my kindness, not anything having to do with me, other than what takes place in my own heart. 

Can we be kind and meet needs without ever being "known"? Without tooting our own horns? Could groups (churches, clubs, etc..) put on act of kindness events (different from fundraisers), without a sign saying who they are, or expecting people to join their church, or club, etc. Could they just do it out of love and telling people how loved and amazing they are. To say I'm doing this just because I want to meet your need and you are worthy of love and kindness.

Can we take love and kindness a bit further. Can we take it deeper, to the heart? Can we truly love unconditionally, without ever expecting anything in return or even a particular response. Have you ever given a gift and were disappointed when the reaction wasn't what you expected, or received a gift and because you didn't respond the way the giver expected you feel awkward and pretty horrible.

I'm excited for this Beyond Kindness Tour.  I'm excited to be challenged to think more about kindness and what it looks like in my world. I love that each week there is a new area to focus on. I encourage you to check out the link above and join in, like I said, even if you don't have a blog, you can instagram or Facebook or just do it with no platform at all. I'm thinking of posting on Fridays somewhere....whether here on the blog or on FB. I think it'll be fun. And if it all just happens and never makes it anywhere, that's okay too! 

With Joy Unquenchable,


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