Healthier No-bake cookies

I love a good no-bake cookie....minus any flaked coconut, because, I just don't like the stuff. I wanted to find a healthier version of the traditional, which uses quite a bit of sugar, butter, milk, peanut butter, etc...things we're trying to reduce in our home, or if I wanted to make these for those who have certain dietary restrictions or preferences. Either way, hopefully it was a win-win situation.

I have started buying Organic PB Fit powder by Better Body Foods to put in smoothies, and happened upon this recipe for no bake cookies using the PB Fit powder in a recent Costco magazine. I LOVE finding healthy versions of old favorites, don't you? Their website (BBFoods) is filled with some great sounding recipes. I can't wait to check them out.

I have made these cookies now two or three times, once for the girls at my daughter's coffee shop, and then the other day for a group of my daughter's friends who came up for the afternoon. They were gone in no time. I have made a few adjustments to the recipe and usually half it for smaller groups, though honestly I just need to make the whole batch. Between us in our home, the girls at the coffee shop, etc..and they last a few days in the fridge, it's worth it.

On some of mine I sprinkled unsweetened coconut since there are some people that like it, or you can stir it into the batch if you want. 

So, here's what you need:


2 c. coconut palm sugar
1/2 c. almond milk
3/4 c. coconut oil
1/4 c. raw cacao (or cocoa is fine)
1/2 c. hemp hearts
1/2 c. chopped almonds
1/4 c. sunflower or pumpkin seeds (lightly chopped)
 3 c. old fashioned rolled oats
1 1/4 c. Organic PB fit powder
1 Tbs. Vanilla
1/2 tsp. sea salt
unsweetened flaked coconut ( go inside or to add to the top)


1. Line a baking sheet with wax paper. Or lightly spray cookie sheet.

2. In a large saucepan over medium heat combine coconut sugar, milk, coconut oil, cacao. Bring to a boil and stir for 1 minute. Remove from heat.

3. Add hemp seeds, sunflower/pumpkin seeds, almonds, oats, PB fit, vanilla and salt. Stir well. 

4. Drop onto wax paper in desired size. Gently flatten with a spoon or your fingers.  Place in refrigerator til cooled. Approximately 30 minutes. 

5. Refrigerate in an air tight container. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


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