New York Trip Post 4: Day 1 Central Park

Hope you're not getting bored of NY posts yet. Of course, it seems to be taking me forever to post so maybe you're not. Search "New York Trip Post" for previous entries. 

After our morning medical adventure (see this post), Central Park and the surrounding area was on our list of places to visit on our first day. If you remember in a previous post, I recommended making a list ahead of time of places you want to visit. We still came home to people saying "did you see this or do that?" and we didn't even think or know about those things. So much to do and see. The other thing when it comes to making those lists is to make sure those places are actually in NYC (no, really, you want to make sure), or wherever you are visiting. I know it may seem like a no brainer, BUT, she had a few places on her list that we never could find and we wasted some time searching. Often when you do a search it will also show similar things or possibly the same type of thing but in another state. We learned a lot after that first day. Like, have all the addresses/locations ready to go and look ahead to know which ones are close to each other so you don't keep back tracking. The other biggest tip....TAKE. TRANSIT. Whenever possible. Central Park is just huge. We weren't overly impressed (probably because we have beautiful parks here in the NW), BUT it's also possible we didn't see enough of the "really cool things". I don't know. I'd maybe explore it further next time (if there's a next time and with better shoes).

As I looked at this site to add links below, I realize, there was a TON we didn't see....yep, we need to go back. I think had we gotten an earlier start to our day we might have seen more.

What we did that day:

*Balto girls watched Balto growing up so she wanted to see this
*John Lennon Memorial...they actually ask that you be silent in this area. 

*Gapstow Bridge: Used in Home Alone where the Pigeon lady was....there's actually a pond there now under the bridge but they say that is where it was.
*Folk Art Museum (free)
*Juliard can't go in but the area is neat
*Bow Bridge
*Serendipity's....must have their frozen hot chocolate, but their food menu looks amazing too.  
*John's of Times Square....great pizza! Went there for dinner.
*The Plaza Hotel....can't remember why on this one.

We didn't get to Carnegie Hall or a few other food places. It was a bummer because it was so hot out we didn't have large appetites so didn't eat as much as we thought we would. 

Gosh! That doesn't look like much, haha. But if you figure in all the walking and transit, etc..I guess it did take up the day, plus our medical mishap took up a good hour or more. Enjoy some pics from the day. 

 We did NOT go in that Apple store. It was waaay too crowded
 They were such great travel companions

(Where are all the pigeons?) lol...we ended up seeing some. 

 Pizza place...this must've been painted on years ago, it's hard to see here, but the twin towers are in the photo.
Serendipity's Frozen Hot Chocolate. Chocolate peanut butter, Salted Caramel and Espresso! 

With Joy Unquenchable,


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