Chocolate Chip Tumeric and Cashew Butter Cookies

I made a few new recipes this last week to share but I'm sharing a link to this one first because it is so good. I follow Fit Mitten Kitchen on FB and Instagram and always love her photos and recipes. You should follow her too. Her recipes take on a healthier twist without making you feel like you're deprived and they seem pretty simple. This was the first recipe I made from her blog and I wasn't sure how they would turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the complex flavors of the tumeric. Honestly I  could make these in place of regular chocolate chip cookies any day. Of course I might not enjoy the raw dough as I sent some to work with my youngest to share with the other baristas at the coffee shop. They like when I bring them goodies. 

I'm always trying to find healthier versions of recipes we love. Always trying to cut back or eliminate certain ingredients either because they are just not good for you or we, for personal reasons want to make a change. That's not to say I don't indulge in the regular versions more often than not, but I'm learning to switch the "scales" the other way.  I felt like these I could make and we didn't have to feel overly guilty about them. They were super easy to whip together. I did make my own cashew butter because I didn't have time to run 20 minutes into the city to buy some and I knew it would probably be more at one of our local stores and I happened to have enough cashews to make just enough, so why not! I also didn't have ghee (forgot to buy at the store), but used organic butter and organic chocolate chips. The dairy free ones were too expensive in town. I like trying new things. I'm looking forward to making more of her recipes and making these again with the ghee and possibly dairy free chocolate chips...I just have horrible memories of the carob chips I had as a child and hated Maybe dairy free chips have improved. 

The fun part often comes in not telling people what is in a recipe (especially if it is something they may not like). It's fun to make them guess.

Go here for her full recipe! Trust me, you want to make them. I'll share my photos below and how I made my cashew butter but because the recipe was made without any changes whatsoever I want to keep the credit to her!

For the cashew butter, you will need 2 cups roasted cashews. I had raw so I just roasted mine in the oven on a cookie sheet for about 15 minutes or so on 325...I kept a close eye (checking every 5 minutes) because it would have totally been a bummer if I burned them...those suckers aren't cheap, especially organic. You want to use a high powered blender or food processor to make this. I have a Vitamix, but it's older and just wasn't quite doing the job so I switched over to the food processor. Process for about 10 minutes, pausing periodically to scrape the sides. You're looking for a nice creamy consistency. Two cups came out to almost 1 cup of cashew butter. It was so good. My oldest daughter stopped by and I had to be firm with her about NOT eating it. She has an obsession with nut butters. You could probably substitute any nut butter and it would taste just as good. 
Who would've thought this combo would create rockstar cookies!
 I opted to use my hand mixer. My Bosch mixer is larger and sometimes a bit harder to mix small batches. And sometimes, using a hand mixer is just nostalgic and therapeutic.

 The tumeric adds a "red" color to the cookies.  

 Oh, look at those beautiful cookies! Inside and out!!!

You really do want to go make these. Who says you can't "fancy" up a simple chocolate chip cookie. Perfect for company, the family, Mothers Day tea. You name it! 

With Joy Unquenchable,


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