Giving old Candleholders a Facelift

Years ago I sold Partylite Candles and Accessories. I loved that stuff. One of the items I had in my collection and happened to hold onto, was their gold taper candle holders. I loved them at the time, used them all the time, but over the years, kind of outgrew "gold" and they just sat somewhere unused. As I was decorating for fall the other day I came across them (being unused), and thought "I could do something with these", so I brought them downstairs. As I was at Dollar Tree looking for a few extra items to decorate with I saw some really cute tealight holders and that fun little idea bubble appeared over my head. I knew what I could do with them. 

My idea? Glue the tealight holders onto the candle holders. But I still didn't like the gold, and since I had some black spray paint at home, I thought "why not paint them black". It's not like they were being used anyways. I love how they turned out. Great for any season, quick and easy and only cost me $2 since I had everything but the tealight holders. So instead of throwing away those hold candle holders (unless you just have way too many), or see some hanging at a garage sale, this is a great way to re-use them. 

Items Needed:

Spray Paint (your color choice)
Taper Candle Holders (or other type)
Tealight Holders (again, your choice...get creative)
Hot Glue Gun


1. Make sure candle holder is clean and dust free.
2. Lay on a plastic garbage bag, old plastic table cloth or whatever you don't mind spray painting over.
3. Place one good coat of paint on holder and let dry. Follow up with a second coat. Allow to dry all the way. 
4. Place a good amount of hot glue onto the top of the candle holder and carefully center the tealight holder on top. Press lightly and allow to dry. 

That's it. Quick, easy and I love them more than I did before! Winner winner, chicken dinner!!

The centerpiece was made with items I already had around the house. The bottom tray is always on my table. I put a couple small books in the center and added the basket, and then inside that put the black....whatever it's called...I'm drawing a blank. I then just filled with fall decor. Thinking I will keep it like this and add winter to it. I love how it turned out. 

With Joy Unquenchable,


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