Easy Triscuit Appetizer

Summer is here folks and with come BBQ's, get togethers, or just too hot of weather to cook. I have the perfect appetizer, snack or shoot, make a meal out of it. I mean, I could make enough, eat them and be a happy camper. 

Growing up in a home that was half Italian, I ate my fair share of ricotta cheese. I love that stuff. I mean, really, LOVE. THAT. STUFF. Awhile back I bought some to make Chicken and Spinach Stuffed Shells, a favorite recipe of ours. I figured I should probably find a way to use it up, other than eating with a spoon, out of the carton. I found the perfect combination.

Triscuits are one of those versatile crackers that can be used for almost anything. Sometimes we like to add a thick slice of salami and a piece of cheese and melt it in the oven. How about mini pizzas? The skies the limit. Another fresh, yummy treat involves my favorite Ricotta Cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil. Simple ingredients for a simple snack. You could use a lower fat ricotta, but often times I find that things labeled "sugar free" or "fat free" contains other ingredients I don't want in my body so I just buy the real deal and maybe eat less...or not!

Ricotta Cheese (leave plain or season)
Basil cut into small pieces or ribbons
fresh tomato, sliced and cut into quarters or to fit triscuit.


Do we really need instructions? You can certainly season the ricotta cheese if you like...maybe with some garlic or onion salt, pepper, even some Italian seasoning, but with the basil on top I don't think you need much of anything else. Spread a fair amount of ricotta on cracker, top with tomato slice and a ribbon of basil. There you have it! Simple, easy, fresh, YUMMY!

Go enjoy your summer!

With Joy UNquenchable,


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