Cereal Box Packaging.....

I love ideas that involve re-using something, salvaging something, or anything similar, especially since I started following the blog Salvage Sister and Mister. My friend Deborah and her hubby are masters at salvaging, reusing, etc...please check out their blog and FB page. Anyways, about a week ago, a friend said she had an extra cookbook and wondered if I'd like it. I said sure, whey not (I also love hand me downs) so when I received the package in the mail I was pleasantly surprised to find the box she used was actually a cereal box! Now, why hadn't I ever, ever thought of that?! What a great idea. So I looked in my recycled items, stacked in the kitchen waiting to be disposed of and found a cereal box. I wanted to re-create the idea. Now, I wouldn't recommend this for something too heavy unless you are going to reinforce it, and you certainly don't want to use it for something fragile, but it was great for a small book or you could even use it to wrap a birthday or Christmas gift....at least I don't think it's tacky...someone else might. Boxes can be spendy and HELLO...they just get thrown away, usually, unless you live with someone who likes to recycle. 

Or How many times have you gone to look for a box at the last minute, only to find you had nothing? I'm not saying save all of your cereal boxes, but why not set a few aside for those moments when you're desperate. I try to save a few boxes when I get things from Amazon or somewhere. Often I have to return textbooks that we've rented from Chegg or Amazon, or I just need a gift box, especially around birthday or Christmas.

 Hunt through your good ole' recycle bin and find a box!
 Begin disassembling the box carefully!
 Once it's disassembled, flip it over!

 begin re-assembling, taping as you go. I would use packing tape instead of scotch tape, I just didn't have any. 

 Here ya go, ready to fill up. 
I found a little bit of fancy packing tape so I added it. It really is a great idea and an awesome way to re-use something you almost always have in your home. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


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