A Toxic Life

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Oscar Health Insurance and the way their company concentrates on taking the stress out of healthcare. They got me thinking about writing a post on detoxing our bodies for their detox life project. 

Oscar uses technology with their New York and New Jersey based health insurance to help members stay healthy. They have tools and services on their mobile app that help members easily keep track of their healthcare without added stress. They have a Doctor on Call tool that allows members to speak directly with their doctor, eliminating the need to actually go to the doctors for any general health questions.

I'm going to take a guess that when you hear the words "toxic" and "detox", they conjure up words in your mind like; chemicals, preservatives, poison, skulls and crossbones, cleansing, treatment centers and many more. You might think of the articles you see on facebook or on the news warning of foods to avoid, do this or that cleanse, etc..More and more we are hearing and reading about the importance of avoiding things that are toxic to our bodies, skin, health and changing the way we eat, the way we view food and health and even "detoxing" our bodies on a regular basis. 

I am 100% for all of that. I believe our health is so important, I believe that we need to take care of our bodies and be intentional with what we put in to them. Our own family has been on a journey to healthier eating and living over the last 8-10 years. It hasn't been easy and we aren't perfect but it's a journey and one we plan to continue.  

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Does it seem daunting to make changes? Take baby steps if you need to, just make some changes. They'll begin to add up. Here are some tips that have helped me in this area:

  •  Take time to really learn and become informed about the ingredients in your food. 
  • Try to incorporate one new healthy choice every few weeks or every month, such as a smoothie a day, more salads, walking at least 10 minutes every day, avoiding soda, take a healthy cooking class, join an exercise class or buy a dvd. 
  • Decide to eliminate all foods with certain ingredients, like HCFS and find an acceptable substitute. I started with Ketchup.
  • Try to buy organic or local when possible. I try to incorporate the dirty dozen as well as organic milk and organic or at least grass fed meat when possible. Just do your research.
  • Search the internet for new recipes, blogs, FB pages to follow that will help with your journey to health. Check out the From My Kitchen tab for some great recipes. Like this healthy Quinoa Salad or this Avocado Corn Salad.
  • Find a way to incorporate exercise in to your daily routine. Do you normally take the elevator, take the stairs instead. Park a little further away from the doors. Find a friend to exercise with you. 

 Your physical body isn't the only area that suffers from toxins and is in need of a serious detox from time to time. I believe that our emotional, mental and spiritual health is equally important and is often in need of detoxing. If we neglect these areas, they will ultimately affect our physical health. Weight gain, stress on the heart, premature aging have all been linked not only to our physical health, but to our mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. We are surrounded by "toxic" news, "toxic" people, "toxic" thoughts, "toxic" environments. Have you ever considered this? Stop and think about those areas and how they affect you. It goes without saying that you can't eliminate every "toxic" situation or person from your life, BUT you can make some changes that will improve your own well-being, perspective and health. Maybe you have chaos in your home or workplace. Maybe you realize the friends you surround yourself are not a good influence. Maybe your FB news feed is filled with negativity. Maybe you daily look in the mirror and abuse yourself with your words. Maybe you have allowed your past to define you. Maybe you are holding on to sadness, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness. Maybe you are a chronic "Eeyore", you worry about everything and think the worst. Do you see how these things are counterproductive to a healthy lifestyle? 

I DO NOT like going to the doctors. I want to stay as healthy as possible so that I can continue to enjoy this beautiful life I've been given.
Here are some ideas to begin detoxing your life. These are things I incorporate or that others I know incorporate:

  • Pray/talk to God
  • Worship
  • Listen to music that calms, builds you up, speaks to you.
  • Keep the clutter in your home/office to a minimum, know where things are so you aren't frantically trying to find them. Have a system of organization that works for you.
  • Take a walk to clear your head so you can think clearly.
  • Take a yoga class
  • Read the Bible
  • Read books that encourage you, take you out of your comfort zone and inspire you.
  • Laugh daily.
  • Read quotes. See my Pinterest board of quotes I've saved.
  • Listen to Podcasts. 
  • Go to the Mall (my friend shared this...it made me laugh..retail therapy I guess..lol)
  • Attend a 12 step program
  • Sit and soak in the beauty all around you.
  • Know the friendships that bring you down and place boundaries on those.
  • If you are easily drawn in to other peoples drama, hide those people on FB, surround yourself with those who are positive. 
  • If your job is causing too much stress, be willing to find a new one if you can't do something to fix the current situation. 
  • Check out my 31 Days tab for some encouragement (I only posted for 24ish days)
  • Take pictures...this relaxes me. 
  • Let go of bitterness and anger. 
  • Choose to forgive.
  • Watch funny movies or You Tube videos.
I hope these give you just a few ideas and at least make you consider the importance of detoxing your life. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


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