Recipe: Cheesy Grits

I have always loved grits. I'm not sure if my mom made them because they were cheap or if that's what she grew up eating. The fact is, there's nothing fancy about grits....and unless flavored with something they are basically tasteless. I have always just used salt and butter. Several years ago while we were in Florida I was treated to Shrimp and Cheese Grits for the first time. Oh my! I loved them. Typically we just eat them for breakfast...we live in the NW, not the south and I'm just not that familiar with different ways of making them.

A few weeks ago I had some leftover specialty cheese and decided to add it to my grits one morning. It took ordinary, plain grits to a new level, a level that would consider serving these to company. Served with eggs and maybe some crumbled bacon on top, these would be a show stopper. I made them a few days later with shredded sharp cheddar, butter and salt, topped with an egg over easy! YUM! Simple, hearty, filling breakfast! Perfect for chilly mornings.


Grits...I usually use Albers Quick Grits
Sharp cheese
Additional Toppings (optional): Bacon, chives, onion, shrimp, etc.

Cook grits according to package. For one serving I usually use 3/4 c. water, salt and 3 Tbs. grits. When done plate and top with cheese (or stir it in to melt), top with whatever toppings you desire. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


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