Recipe: Butternut Squash Soup and Lamb Chops

 One thing I LOVE about fall and winter, other than trees adorned in beautiful colors and brisk, windy days, is the craving for soups. I love soup! It's easy, it's satisfying, it's comforting. Bring on fall! Bring on soup!

A few weeks ago we had a butternut squash in the house and I was trying to decide what to do with it. My oldest wanted butternut squash risotto but I didn't want the hassle. I finally decided on trying a butternut squash soup. The result was a wonderfully creamy, flavor-ful soup that I would easily make again!

And then I used this site to find a recipe for making Lamb Loin Chops. They turned out amazing and the only complaint was that I didn't make enough!


1 butternut squash, peeled and cut in large chunks
1 apple, cored, cut in half
3 carrots, peeled and cut in chunks
onion (I used 1/2 an onion), cut in chunks
1-2 garlic cloves
1 32oz. vegetable broth
1/2-3/4c. whipping cream
pinch cayenne pepper


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2. Toss vegetables in a little bit of oil.

3. Spread out on a large baking sheet and roast in oven until they are tender.

4. Transfer vegetables to a blender (or use and immersion blender...which I do not own) and and add some broth. Do this a little at a time. Blend until smooth, transfer to soup pan. Continue until all vegetables are blended. 

5. Add remaining broth and whipping cream. Add seasonings to taste. Heat through. Top with parsley and enjoy!!

NOTE: If you feel like you need more flavor, you could add a vegetable bouillon cube. I can't remember now if I did that or not. I kept tasting it and adjusting the herbs until I was happy. 

With Joy UNquenchable,
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