31 Days Living Inside Out: You are Enough

Last night I watched "Mom's Night Out". I laughed hysterically, I chuckled, I almost cried. I could relate.  What mom couldn't. What woman couldn't. As the movie came to an end the simple line "you are enough" stuck with me and I knew it was what I wanted to share with you!

Oh, how many times do we think that we are not enough..not enough for our families, for our employers, for our friends, for our churches, for ourselves, if we really want to be dramatic, for the world. We can't do enough, be enough, say enough. Why are we here in the first place? Life is speeding by and I'm just trying to keep up, keep everyone going, keep everything in place. Where's the fun in living? Do you ask yourself those questions? I do, because I often feel like I'm just getting through the days.

Today was a rough day for me...maybe because of the topic I thought I'd write about (funny how sometimes when we know God is speaking to our hearts, we are faced with a battle in that area), maybe because I was just trying too hard to get too much done and do everything right, maybe because in my mind I was thinking of circumstances and how they break my heart at times, maybe because I forgot about Living Inside Out and I let the Outside get in...in my head, in my heart and I just had a rough day.

So tonight, my simple thought is YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. Because my mind is in a jumble, I'm going to leave you with a link to a beautiful article that speaks my heart because I can't seem to put in to words the things I thought last night. I'm also leaving you with a clip of the movie that I found beautiful and true. Enjoy! And maybe, just maybe, we'll explore this some other time this month.

You are Enough

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Society really reinforces that to women though. If we work, we're neglecting our home. If we stay home, we're wasting our time and energy. You're a bad Mom if you do this and bad employee if you do that. On an on it goes. Eventually we have to toughen up and realize that to the world, we will always be deficient and it's time to be ourselves and tell the rest of them to screw off (I'm a Chicago area native. The proper term here starts with an "f" LOL).

    I think this was the post I saw that made me think you read Holley Gerth. If you don't, check out her blog and her book, "You're Already Amazing".



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