31 Days Living Inside Out: "Me Time"

With all my good intentions, it seems I cannot get around to posting during the day. Life happens and before you know it, the day has gone by. Which brings me to the topic at hand....Me Time.

I am not the best at this, making time for ME, taking care of ME. I am the mom who loves taking care of everyone else, sacrificing herself for the family (you know the one; the one wearing the same clothes over and over because she doesn't take time or spend the money to buy herself new clothes. The one who would rather spend her money on things the family needs, then things for herself. The one who will do more chores because she wants her kids to focus on school, athletics, etc....the list could go on.) Uh, being that mom is not a good thing necessarily. Oh, I love doing all of those things and it really does give me great joy but I also realize that I'm not doing myself or my family any good by not taking time for me. By not taking care of me. By setting myself aside. Sometimes it can be hard when schedules are tight (to make time for myself). There's not a lot of free time. Sometimes I shake my head wondering how moms who work full time do all that they do. I suppose with the two jobs I have (helping an elderly woman and babysitting), it equals full time work. But I recognize that I don't give myself enough attention. I don't nurture the things I love (photography, hiking, reading, gardening, cooking). I realize that I want to look cuter (even if I feel so overweight that I just want to wear baggy clothes or never sure what to buy with the little money I might have for clothes), which leads me to wanting to exercise (though I haven't gotten back on the bandwagon with this one). It's a vicious cycle and I'm probably in good company wouldn't you agree?

But women, we need to make this a priority. Even if I'm just speaking to myself, so be it. Soon enough my girls will be even more independent and leaving home and I'll have more "me time" than I'll know what to do with. The lady I help out is convinced I'm going to go stir crazy when my girls "leave the nest", because I always have so much going on. I laughed and said "You better keep me around then so we can entertain each other".

Taking time is vital, taking time naturally, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically. That will look different to every person. Think of what ways you can take time for you in each of those areas. Maybe choose one at a time.

One of my favorite books right now is "Grace for the Contemplative Parent" by Lily Crowder. Oh how I wish I would have had this book when my girls were little. Here is a quote I love in her chapter about Solitude.

"I believe there is a beautiful balance in the mother that lays down her life for her family and also maintains a sense of individuality. A mother automatically has the calling of a servant, and we know how highly a servant is esteemed in the kingdom. But her servant heart, birthed out of a love for her family, should enhance her individuality and identity, not dismiss who she is." 

So mom, take time for yourself....in whatever capacity it looks like. Just do it. I promise I will do the same.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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