Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone and a Recipe Link: Paleo Zucchini Bread

Over the years I have observed the dietary changes of many friends, even in my own home. From vegan to paleo and everything in between. This can prove to be quite a challenge for someone entertaining or bringing a meal to a new mommy. It can be downright intimidating. It's one thing to have someone say "oh we don't like mushrooms", but a completely different scenario to have someone say "I am gluten-free". Over those years however, I've learned to adapt, to learn and to embrace change even in my own life. Oh, I still love a good piece of fried chicken but overall our desire is for a healthier, more informed lifestyle. While I may not always say it in posts, I do try to buy more organic, more natural ingredients whenever possible. We try to keep the junk out of our diets as much as possible. I try to know ahead of time the preferences of guests so that I can be sure they can fully enjoy what we have to offer, especially if it's a party. There is nothing worse than going to a party and not being able to enjoy the food! But sometimes making these kinds of changes can be intimidating and stretch our comfort zones!

Recently a dear friend had a new baby boy, who is adorable. She is one of the fittest young ladies I know and loves a Paleo diet. Her mama asked me if I would bring this new family a meal. I quickly said, of course! I have made several paleo meals for ourselves, so I wasn't intimidated at all. I think when you expand your culinary tastes and experiment you have the confidence to try anything. However, it wasn't always this started out with friends who decided they were going to go Vegan. Uh, what do I do with that? I was certainly stretched to my limit, but learned to adapt and love many new recipes. 

On my menu for this day was roasted vegetables with chicken breasts, and some Paleo Zucchini Muffins that I saw on FB. The recipe for these muffins comes from the blog, Against All Grain. I was a wee bit nervous because I had never made them before, but I really wanted to bring something other than the main dish for dinner. I had to sample one first and they were really, really good! 

Please follow the link for the actual recipe. I added 2 Tbs. of Coconut Flour to the recipe. As I was reading the comments, many people said that their recipe was too moist while others said it was too dry...don't you just love comments that are all over the board? So, what is it really...too wet, too dry or just right! Then the question appeared "what type of almond flour did you use?" HUH? There is more than one kind of almond flour...I usually only see one in my store. To be safe I added a bit of coconut flour which someone had recommended, but not too much, because I prefer moist to dry bread. I used muffin liners because I didn't have mini-loaf pans and someone else said theirs didn't cook all the way through in a large pan. All I could do was pray these turned out...know what I mean? Have you ever read through comments and observe your confidence slowly dwindle?

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new...maybe you're afraid your family won't like change....try it anyway...maybe you're afraid of wasting ingredients if it doesn't turn out (that would be me) it anyways...just do it...just step out of your comfort zone...take baby steps if needed. It'll be worth it. I have added so many new recipes to my collection with such a variety of ingredients and to be honest, unless I say something, people rarely notice something different and almost always like it; and the recipes that don't turn out, well, I just chalk it up to experience. 

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone in the kitchen?

What is something new you've made and loved?

Here are a few pics from last nights recipe! Again go to the link above for the actual recipe. 

They were pretty moist, but I didn't feel like they were too moist. I haven't tried one today after they sat for a bit...but that could be easily remedied by adding a bit more coconut flour or using a more "superfine" almond flour.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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