Leftovers Quesadilla's

I almost prefaced this post by apologizing for not having a picture but then my lovely daughter requested one of these for dinner tonight and my failure to capture any pictures the two previous times I made them was redeemed. You're welcome!

Over the weekend I made this recipe (along with the homemade tortillas).We had quite a bit of leftovers due to the fact that everyone kept going different ways. At one point I think I even asked myself why I even made dinner in the first place. But it worked out. Food is a bit low in the house right now because we have an extra week between paychecks so I was scrambling to find things for everyone to eat. One option since I try to keep tortillas in the house was to do a "leftovers quesadilla". Oh my word..it was so good. 
 I really think you can put any type of leftover in between two tortillas if you are willing to be creative enough. Here is what we compiled for these quesadillas. 


Brown Rice
Refried Beans
Crockpot salsa chicken
shredded cheese
shredded lettuce or cabbage (I like the crunch of cabbage)
sour cream
taco sauce


1. Simply layer the ingredients through the cheese (I do not like warm lettuce). 
2. I love using my grill pan and panini press..if you do something like this, preheat the pan and press then add the quesadilla, putting the press on top. Or just cook on any other pan. 

3. Heat until lightly browned then flip and cook the other side till lightly browned and heated through.
4. separate and add sour cream, guacamole, taco sauce and lettuce/cabbage. Enjoy.

I love cabbage on these or even tacos because the crunch is so nice. I shred it very finely. This is great, it's filling, it's yummy.

With Joy UNquenchable,


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